Friday, July 28, 2006

Second Line of Defense

Today, I was pleasantly surprised by a creature that I've never seen before. It all happened so fast, so I can't be sure what I saw, but I know that it was flying around, and dive-bombed me in the shower. In this case, I performed my usual first line of defense: I screamed, ran out of the shower, and slammed the bathroom door behind me.

However, I was not totally oblivious to the needs and fears of my roommate and her visiting mother, so I took it upon myself to invoke my second line of defense, as seen in the picture.

Consider yourself warned, Janay. I hope I was helpful.


Andi Mae said...

Not too shabby for a SECOND line of defense there, smarty. How considerate of you. You should have just run around screaming whenever anyone tried to speak to you while muttering "flying....bathroom." That would have been GREAT for the visiting mother!

Bone Junior said...

I like your idea, but you know me... I hate to stand out in a crowd.

snicker snicker.

barb said...

welcome to the asylum roommate mommy.

barb said...

nice penmanship, by the way.