Thursday, July 06, 2006

Samuel Returns

Some of you may have read about Samuel on Andi's blog - she posted the first official picture of his appearances at work. Today I think I've outdone myself.

Ever since the hanging (see Andi's blog), Samuel has been resting peacefully on the bookshelf in my boss' (Dave) office. I felt it was time for him to come out of hibernation and say hello to Dave once again.

I lovingly adorned Samuel with my Elvis sunglasses and packaged him up. My accomplices, Jen and Joe (the accountant) helped me by making up a fake mailing label (and it looked oh-so-authentic) and delivering the package to Dave's desk.

As I type this blog, Samuel is waiting on Dave's desk. I sit here with baited breath and heaving bosom for Dave to return from his run and open the box... I'll post more later.

Lucky for me, Dave has always been a good sport about my shenanagins. Let's keep our fingers crossed for this one.

Doesn't he look fetching?

Check out the authentic mailing label

Joe taking Samuel to meet his maker... kind of.


Scratch Subtle said...

Those sunglasses look FER-miliar. . .

Andi Mae said...

Awesome. Will Lil Sam Sam ever turn up at my house? I wait every day, hoping that I will open my closet and find Samuel in one of my shirts hanging on the rack. Oooh...good idea!

barb said...

fetching. fetching indeed.