Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Win, Lose or Draw

Enquiring minds want to know, and so enquiring minds know to ask. And ask I did. Two results of my enquiring mind are pictured below. In other words, I had questions that apparently could only be answered with drawings. Your mission: correctly identify what these drawings are supposed to be.

Exhibit A: Drawn by Wolfe

Exhibit B: Drawn by McBicep

I should also mention that there will be a prize for whomever can correctly (or most closely) guess the drawings. This excludes anyone who already knows the answer. That means you, Yanaj. Sneaky russian.


k*t said...

the 1st picture looks like a design for a reverse jock strap. tempting for me to hold in all the booty! :)

the 2nd one looks like a new character for those mystery science theater movies. those are my guesses! :)

Tarable said...

I'm going to go with Jock Strap for #1.

And #2 is CLEARLY a spaceship with a rotating probe arm - that is having one of it's lenses repaired by the spaceship repair station.

So easy.

Andi Mae said...

I too vote tight jock strap with too much junk in the trunk for #1.

And as for #2...perhaps a gas-operated stove with a rocketship flying out of the side. I would have to have that explained to me to...

HPLuvr said...

I thought #1 were instructions on how to correctly put on a bra.

#2 is instructions on how to install the flux compasitor on a green 1995 BMW.

Bone Junior said...


Toots said...

I'd say a jock strap and a carburetor.