Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Deadly Cure Without a Disease

In celebration of Yanaj's 24th birthday yesterday, I took my girls to the Blaze game. I've been dying to get to one of these games all season, and thanks to one of my subcontractors at work, we scored AMAZING seats.

None of the gals had been to an arena football game before, but I think they knew what they were in for when I forced them to buy foam fingers. I already had one, of course.

"Ylime, stick the finger up your nose. Just do it! It will be funny! Shut up, just do it! I promise it will be funny! No, of course I'm not going to put this on my blog! Now just do it!"

Yanaj really got into it...I love the trails around the tip of the finger, indicating major action and movement...
I know it looks like Elizabeth is just cheering, but actually the mascot was shooting gumdrops into the crowd and she was trying to catch them in her mouth.

This was taken at the exact moment that Ylime yelled,
"Slam dunk!"

This is the one that I liked. Any guesses why?

And this is how much I liked him.

We inadvertantly made friends with the mexican guy behind us. And by "made friends", I mean that when he asked me to take his picture, he said "Thank you", to which my response was, "No problem," to which his response was, "No, SPANK you!" to which my response was the finger. My foam finger, of course.

Tonight is the highly anticipated G-Love concert, and I. Cannot. Wait. I am SO excited. T-minus five hours and counting...


g said...

you should have responded "No, spank YOU!!"

Erin said...

i think he liked you because he thought you were of latin decent too. he thought you might be his latina lover.

HPLuvr said...

I think I need to come back and join you guys...make the odds a little better for the brunettes! And i totally coulda picked out the bald guy on the field for you! Looks like a lot of fun!