Friday, April 27, 2007

A Juicier Post

"Wait...You did WHAT?!?!?"

This was the typical reaction I got when I told people that I asked McBicep if he knew about my blog. My favorite reaction was from JD & Steve. JD, who got light headed from the shock, and Steve who lovingly reminds JD to "just breathe".

I received the most frantic call of my life from my dear friend Leather in the Bullpen (pictured in the light blue beanie above), panting and desperate to know the outcome. Most people gasped and then stared at me with a deer in the headlights look, which I tried to tenderly capture for your viewing pleasure.

And now, for the shocking conclusion to the Bone Junior Cliffhanger 2007.

So I asked McBicep straight out if he knew about my blog, and our conversation went something like this:

Bone Junior: Do you know about my blog?

McB: No, why?

Bone Junior: Oh, no reason. I was just wondering. (Looking out window, extremely interested in passing cars and such).

McB: What's on there that you don't want me to see?

Bone Junior: Um, nothing! Really! I just post funny pictures and stuff, and sometimes I do funny movie reviews, but it's nothing....really......Are you going to look for it now?

McB: Yeah, maybe if I get bored.

Bone Junior: What if I ask you not to look for it?

McB: Then I'm definitely going to look for it. Especially if there's nothing on there that you don't want me to see, right?

Bone Junior: Well.......kind see............I used to have this really big crush on you and I couldn't even TALK to you or LOOK at you and one time I saw you in public and I hid behind my friend G because I was too scared to TALK to you and I never ever thought you'd look twice at me or talk to me or ANYTHING with me and you have no idea how hard it was for me to ask you out because until then I couldn't even LOOK at you and so thats why I blog about it, because I was so DEATHLY afraid of talking to you and then it got to the point where I just had to do SOMETHING about it or forget it, and so I just asked you out and you said yes and everyone was rooting for me and it was a big deal because I never thought it would happen and everyone thought it was funny because I never have a problem talking to guys or asking them out but with you it was SO HARD and I was SO SCARED and so thats why I blogged about you but don't worry, I didn't use your real name or anything, but I've had this fear that you've known about it all along, and I didn't tell you about it because I didn't want you to freak out or think I was a total girly girl.....

McB: ARE a girl, aren't you?

Bone Junior: Well yeah, but you know......And, I might have blogged a little about my frustration over not getting kissed, but you know, I understand why that hasn't happened so its not a big deal anymore.........and.............yeah. I guess that's about it. (Bites lower lip and finally listens to inner voice saying to SHUT UP!)

McB: (Cracking up) Is that all?

Bone Junior: Ok, I'm gonna go inside and cry now.

McB: Look, its not a big deal. And I promise not to look for your blog until you say its OK. But if you think about it, is there anything on there that I probably haven't already figured out? I mean, I wouldn't exactly say you have a subtle personality.

Bone Junior: You make a valid point. Now if you'll excuse me, I feel like I'm standing naked on a stage, so I'll see you later.

I don't know what came over me - I just got so nervous and had been keeping it bottled up for so long that I suddenly lost control of my syntax and verbally vomitted all over McBicep's front seat.

The bottom line is that McBicep claims to have NOT known about my blog, which made me make wateh a little, I was so relieved. Lit'rally.

Keep your fingers crossed that I hear from him when he gets back from California.


Tarable said...

This would have been the PERFECT time to KISS HIM! You were all flustered and you could have just grabbed him by the ears and laid it on him.

And then ran screaming into your house.

Emilee said...

I agree that would have been the perfect time to kiss him. But my question is: Did I miss the bog where you explain why he hasn't kissed you yet? Cause you told him that you understand why right?

barb said...

ok i'm not pissed anymore. (i never really was, i just thought it would be funny to say.

and P.S. you have his ferrari, right?

Erin said...

I love you.