Friday, April 06, 2007

Why My Birfdee was Da Bomb...Dot Com.

Thanks to my friends, I had an amazing birthday. It all started with a 6:00 am wake-up call from my dad doing his best Elvis impression & singing happy birthday. My response was to remind my dad of the time difference between the east coast and the almost west coast, and then rolled back over to spoon with Soft Elvis.

The day was filled with calls and visits from just about everyone I know. I got flowers, balloons, cards, and CANDY CANDY CANDY! The girls at work took me out to lunch, McBicep took me out to dinner, and the celebration continued until Thursday, when Erin picked me up for dinner. I got in the car and made wateh when G popped up in the back seat and scared the crap out of me - she told me she'd already gone back to California.

I was forced to wear a princess tiara, princess earrings, and a princess boa. Who knew such a thing existed. Then I was blindfolded and driven to my favorite restaurant, Ruby Tuesday, where my roomies met us to partake in the world's greatest croutons. Try them - they truly are amazing.
Erin & G gave me a boxed set of Elvis's DVDs, and Yanaj & Ylime got me tickets to see G-Love and Special Sauce!! I screamed with delight, as you can see.

Erin, Me, Yanaj, Ylime and G after dinner. Two things I love about this picture.
1. G's hand so casually in her pocket;
2. The fact that I look like I've smeared my face with deck stain compared to the fair whiteness of my companions.

After dinner, I came home to a full blown princess party, decorated entirely in purple. Complete with a personalized cake and crowns. Your eyes do not deceive - that's a picture of me, in a towel, being suprised by Yanaj bursting in the bathroom. I'm so thrilled that moment could be immortalized on a cake.

The rest of the night was spent making toasts to me and laughing until we made wateh. Please to enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the grand event.

Erin's Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Face.

Erin & G, and Henefir's purple arm and Hagrid hair. I love you Henefir!

Erin the amputee.
I'm laughing so hard that it looks like I'm about to unhinge my jaw and swallow something large.

G had been in town for a week, and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard with her. Oh wait. Yes I can. It was the last time she was in town, over Thanksgiving last fall, when we tried our hands at espionage. That was also the first time G laid eyes on McBicep and I used her as a human shield. And just four short months later, I'm dating him. Whoda thunk.

In the subsequent months since Thanksgiving, I've probably talked to G the most about McBicep, only because she was one of the few to witness first-hand how I reacted to him. Also because we both work on Saturdays and have nothing to do other than talk to eachother online. She knows every detail of every everything when it comes to me and McBicep (as you may recall, she was the intended recipient of that fateful text message). And since she's a therapist in training, I take her advice very seriously, and in return, G and her California friends get to live vicariously through me. Apparently I'm very big in Old Sac.

It started as a joke when G told me that she keeps her single gal friends informed as the McBicep story unfolds. She said its like a club of girls all on the edge of their seats, white knuckled and dying to find out what happens next. I said that if there's a Living Vicariously Through Sarah club, then she's the president.

Then I busted out the puffy paints once more, and betrothed one final gift to G:

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so much fun!


Erin said...

COMO!!!! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!!! I am glad that you had a fabulous birthday. I had so much fun, and I haven't laughed that hard or that much in a long time. oh and thank you for posting that highly attractive picture of me...i look like mush face, but I still love you!

HPLuvr said...

Glad to hear that Soft Elvis is making an impression :)

g said...


Erin said...


Jen said...

oh my goodness!! it's so sad that with my new job i rarely get to check your blog. i love all the pics from your bday. that was one crazy night!!