Friday, April 13, 2007

A Simple Question

Bone Junior: Hey Easter Bunny, can I ask you a question?

Easter Bunny: nods.

Bone Junior: Well you see, my friend McBicep and I are having this debate...well he's kind of my friend but kind of this guy I'm dating, and I've had a really huge crush on him for a long time now and I finally asked him out and now we're dating but not exclusively or anything, I mean, we haven't kissed yet and he's leaving for the summer to do an internship in Michigan, so I'm really hoping something happens before then, but if not then I guess it will be OK, anyway, he's really smart and he thinks he knows everything about everything, and we were talking about Easter and I made him an Easter basket full of his favorite candy, and I even put purple grass in there so he would think of me, and he was like "Does it come in different colors?" because he doesn't even know because his family never did baskets and stuff when he was growing up, and then he was all "Oh, have fun worshipping a bunny that lays eggs" and I was all, "The Easter bunny doesn't lay the eggs, he just paints them and hides them. No bunny can lay eggs. I have never heard that before. No bunny can lay eggs, except for that Cadbury bunny, and he only lays chocolate eggs," and he was all, "No way, the Easter bunny totally lays the eggs, which is why the whole holiday is ridiculous to begin with," and I was all, "The Easter bunny does not LAY THE EGGS! I have never ever heard that before!" and he was all, "Yes he does," and I was all, "Fine, well I'm going to see the Easter bunny tonight and I'm going to get an answer straight from the horse's mouth, and then you'll see that a bunny can't lay eggs," and he was all, "Fine, ask the Easter bunny," and I was all, "Fine, I will. You're not so smart, you know?" and then I left, so here I am, and I just have to know, do you lay the eggs or do you just paint them and hide them?"

Long pause.

Easter Bunny: Even I don't know that answer. Now could you please get off my lap? My leg is falling asleep.
In other news, I am now officially Aunt Bone Junior. Bone Senior delivered - au natural, I might add - a healthy baby boy on Thursday. 8 lbs 1 oz, 21 inches long, big lips, big feet, and lots of dark hair. Baby Bone has yet to be named...


Erin said...

I am speechless! #1 I cannot believe you went to see the Easter Bunny and sit on his lap...#2 I cannot believe that you went to see the Easter Bunny without me!

Congrats Bone Senior and hubby! I am dieing to see pictures, I wish they would hurry up.

barb said...

so did the easter bunny smell faintly of booze? just wondering cause i haven't been to see the easter bunny in a while.

Mikki Platt said...

Sarah- I miss seeing you!!!! Congrats on becoming an Aunt- glad it's a boy... boys have muscles!