Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Long, Menarche!

It's officially the end of an era. I sold the beloved beemer. Or as Erin has lovingly dubbed it, The Green Menarche. (It was the first car I'd ever bought). Try to keep up, people.
I felt a bit nostalgic and I may have wiped a single tear as I watched him drive away, seeing the rear brake light that has never worked and hearing the familiar metallic rattle of the catalytic converter. And as I listened to him drive away, I thought about my new mustang and knew I'd made the right decision. It was time to grow up.
Thanks for the memories, beemer. But I'm happy to pass on your expensive repairs, hard-to-find parts, sunroof that sometimes gets stuck open, and zero-to-sixty in 1.2 minutes on to someone else.


Brandon & Amber said...

That's so funny about your sunroof because that happened to us last summer. And Brandon forgot and went through the carwash. I guess he wanted a shower too!

Have you got your plates yet? We are all wanting to see what they say!

$teve said...

My condolences on your loss...but it's for the better...because now you have a truly fitting badass car with personalized plates!!! :)

amcurtis77 said...

Hey Sarah...The purse is on its way to can check out pics of it on my Myspace page just for the purses at:

There is a slideshow on my page that will show the pics as it goes in order, or you can click the pics link under the main picture on the left hand side. Do you have a Myspace page? I think you may have to be logged in or something to see the pics link, otherwise you have to wait for the slideshow to scroll through. Either way, it ROCKS!


PS - I am going to add your blog to the links in my blog, if thats cool....

Tarable said...

My husband recently got sentimental about getting rid of our Aveo.

(email me at for an invite to mmtsgr)

Erin said...

wow...I am so glad you shared my comment...hopefully not everyone thinks I am weirdo. but i would have to say that I can say goodbye to the "green menarche" with no hesitations.....and HELLO blue mustang!