Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm Up For It

One week ago, I had to open my big mouth and brag to Jamie about how many pairs of shoes I have. She challenged me to wear a different pair of heels every day for a week, and being the one-upper that I am, I told her that I'd wear every single pair of my heels with no repeats until I ran out of shoes.

This probably sounds more like a fun, girly thing to do as opposed to the bain of my existence right now. However, it's not a fun, girly thing for me to do, mostly because I'm not a girly girl (despite the number of heels I own) and I never know when I'm going to be on a job site, which means that if I'm wearing heels on a job site, I'm automatically a whore. Not to mention that I've also started wearing hoop earrings, so I'm a bona fide hoochie mama. At least that's how I look when I teeter through the dirt and gravel on a job site. Hot, I know.

And for lack of better material to post about, I figured I'd make the best of the situation and at least try to have fun with it. That being said, please to enjoy a photo diary of days 3, 4, and 5. Days 1 and 2 are on Jamie's camera and will be posted as soon as I get them.

Crazy Lady Radio Rant Update: The license plates have been ordered, and I'm taking the car in on Thursday morning for the stripes. Knock on wood. I'm planning on wearing my highest, pokiest heels on Thursday just in case I need to leave puncture marks up and down someone's back.

My Sister Is Always Right Update: Last night, I went to a kick boxing class. Bone Senior is probably exclaiming, "Woo hoo!!! Yay for you!!!" with glee as she reads that. Yes, I actually dragged my bucket of yuck to the gym and participated in an hour-long kick boxing class. And by "participated in", I mean "moaned, groaned and made horrific heaving noises as I struggled to follow the turbo jam choreography."

But here's the thing - I didn't hate it. In fact, I liked it. I felt really good afterwards. And I know Bone Senior is going to say "I told you so!" when she reads this, but that's OK, because Bone Senior knows best. She's been trying to get me to go to the gym for years, but my defense has always been that I hate hate hate working out. When I use the elliptical machine at my house, I just get more and more angry. When I'm done, I'm pissed. Lit'rally. I'd rather go play tennis for an hour. But the class was actually fun, and I'm going to keep going.

So, after years of stubborn resistance, I admit defeat and surrender to the gym. Which is a good thing, because last weekend I bought this bathing suit

and cellulite just will not do. I'm holding on to the faint glimmer of hope that I can actually get away with wearing this bathing suit, because Yanaj's first response when she saw me in it was: "Now see, if you had boobs, you couldn't wear that."

Rock on, ta ta's. Rock. On.


$teve said...

Congratulations on both the car upgrades and your newfound Love for kickboxing. I have a few ladyfriends who do the kickboxing thing...and they thoroughly enjoy it as well. Please be sure to invite me to all of your tournaments though. They sounds really really hot!!! :)

Andi Mae said...

LOVE the heels. You got some pretty cute kicks, there. And speaking of kicks- go TKB! Are you going at 24-hour? You could come to my class where the lady does 5 turbo thingees. In a row. Yes, there will be moaning. I feel you.

Andi Mae said...

Oh, and the babing suitey? Very hot.

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish that slacker Jamie would just load the freaking pictures onto her computer and send them to you. me too!

Erin said...

I don't believe you that you bought that bathing suit! but if you did and you promise to wear it on the river this summer I will pay you 5 dollars.

and don't tell bone senior she is right then she will be your puppet master, or mule master or something, and get a big head. but it's good that a little sisterly advice can go a long way.

Heidi Smith said...

cute shoes and check this out!