Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Someone once asked me (and by "someone", I mean "just about every single married person I work with"; and by "once", I mean "every day leading up to Thanksgiving Day last week"), "So what does a single gal with no husband and no kids and no husband and no family in the area and no husband do for Thanksgiving?"

Blink. Blink.

Well, I'll tell you what a kick ass, independent, hilarious, hot girl does for Thanksgiving. She gets together with the other kick ass, independent, hilarious hot girl that stayed around (also known as my fellow Elvis-lover, Elizabeth) and they make a photo journal of their Thanksgiving adventures. And by "photo journal", I mean "a series of photos of their faces pressed together that showcases Bone Junior's many many hats."

Thanksgiving Day begins by going to the amazing Grand Ballroom at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake. For about $70 a person, you can enjoy a cornucopia of delicious food. Or like me, you can enjoy turkey, crepes, crab legs, shrimp, lamb, and many desserts.

Thanksgiving night begins by an 10:00 pm stop at IHOP in your matching long johns and black velour zip-up sweat suits.

Thanksgiving night continues by Elizabeth eating herself sick on fried food at IHOP. We needed to build up our fat deposits to make it through the long night ahead...

...of camping out at Best Buy.

Exhibit A: 11:00 pm. Before we set up our lawnchairs in the twenty-five degree weather.

Exhibit B: Midnight. After we set up our lawn chairs and had been sitting in line at Best Buy, sucking in exhaust from the cars next to us in the twenty-five degree weather.

Exhibit C: 1:00 am, after one round of "I'm Going On A Dirty Trip And I'm Taking..." I can't go into details, but suffice it to say that the items being taken on the Dirty Trip included Aeriolas, Boobs, and I'll stop there.

Exhibit D: Approximately 1:30 am. I don't think this picture needs any further discussion.

Exhibit E: 2:30 am, at which point we say to hell with Best Buy and the people who butted in front of us in line when we fell asleep. Frankly, I didn't have the energy to start a fight with anyone, as by this point, after a day of gorging myself, I feel like my veins are full of pudding.

Exhibit F: Black Friday morning. Refreshed and rejuvinated, we gorge ourselves again at Mimi's Cafe.

Exhibit G: After a full day of bargain shopping (which included Season 2 of Prison Break and many many DVDs) I spot Dora the Explorer's younger twin siblings for sale. Is it just me, or is it like glimpsing the could-be future products of my womb?

And that is how two kick ass, independent, hilarious, hot girls do Thanksgiving.


Erin said...

so kick ass. I wish I could have been kick ass with the 25 degree weather. and I definitely would have picked a fight with the people in line who would have got your blood pumping, and thus making you warm.

barb said...

wow. that was kick ass.

but i thought only thirty something moms wore velour sweatsuits.

no offense.

li'l mil said...

where was the white "drama queen" hoodie?? i thought for sure that would make an appearance.

i'm glad you two added "smart" to your list of shared qualities when you went home and slept in a warm bed instead of staying in line in 25 degree weather at best buy.

also, i like your hats. especially the fuzzy russian one. do i spy ear flaps??

photography by Mikki said...

I wish I was a "kick ass, independent, hilarious, hot girl". You rock my world Sarah.

$teve said...

IHOP? Mimi's Cafe? Best Buy? Eagles? The? How are you still single? :) That was a kick ass Turkey Day!!!