Sunday, December 02, 2007

Come On Baby, Take It All Off

The day finally came - the day I'd been dreading since October 21, when my beloved Eagles lost (barely) to the stupid Bears. Six weeks later, I thought I was off the hook. I thought the Landscaper would be merciful and let me keep my dignity. Alas, it was not to be.

My rear end has never felt more bare, nor has my pride ever felt more stripped. I'm sure it will be worse when he gets the Bears sticker on.


$teve said...

Damn it!!! I thought he might have forgotten too. My condolences for your loss...

Erin said...

how sad. I didn't even really care about the sticker and I feel sad for your loss. I will feel even more sad when he eputs a bears sticker on, since I am sure it is much more unattractive than the eagles on.

Andi Mae said...

Wow...he must have been really serious if he was taking it off IN THE RAIN. So sorry, hunney.

Bone Junior said...

Yes, serious he definitely was. It was FREEZING cold and he showed no mercy.

hizznizzle said...

Bear down Chicago Bears
Let every play clear the way to the plays in the last 92 seconds of the game when you put the coals to the chickenhawks and sent them to the locker room to pound rock salt.

I wish I could have been there to sing Da Bears fight song while he did it and make it sting that much more.

Way to hold up on your end of the bet though. I am very impressed.

Please let us know when your car is representing a real team, I would love a picture.