Tuesday, November 20, 2007

To My Dear Little Beemer

Today is a milestone
As you turn 200,000 miles;
In almost four years
You've brought me many smiles.

You're the first car I bought for myself,
And my very first stick;
Every time I grinded your gears
I felt like such a hick.

You've taken me across the country
To Philadelphia and back;
And then again to Seattle
Where Yanaj's dad cut you no slack.

Bone Senior loves your big-a vent
And your turning radius is superb;
But maybe I need more practice
Because we've hit more than one curb.

We've had lots of fun nights
Especially that one time at Squaw Peak;
But the journey has been rough
And now you've got a slow oil leak.

We've seen our fair share of guys
Who've admired your fine European build;
Your smooth lines and engineering,
Many times your tank they've filled.

Speaking of tanks,
Your efficiency is unmatched;
With forty miles to the gallon
Like me, you're quite the catch.

The boys have come and gone
But none have made me their wife;
Which is definitely better for them
Because you'll always be the man in my life.


Tarable said...

You two make a cute couple!

Andi Mae said...

I thought for sure you would be licking that hood ornament (again, as you did in the road trip to California. Now you have a Jag, Mercedes, and Beemer under your belt. That's a proud accomplishment).

Erin said...

I feel so silly...all these years I thought your car was a girl. oops.

$teve said...

At least you know the Beemer has some serious stamina. Congrats on 200,000 miles. :)

Beemer said...

Hey there,

I stumbled across this blog and for a moment I thought someone else was kissing my Beemer. I've got the exact same one and mine hit the 200.000 miles too today. Or as we say in Holland 321.868 km.

Do you still have the Beemer? How much miles does it have now? I'd like to know more about my car's brother. :)


Bennie said...

brought a tear to my eye...