Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Part 2: More Mischief Night & Halloween Day

Since I'm waiting for Jamie to email me more pictures from the office, including a video that is. To. Die. For; please to enjoy some more Halloween pictures.

Hang in there for the video - trust me, it's worth it. It has to do with me in the Teletubby costume, and a certain dance that involves shuffling and a buffalo...
Me and Hot Rob, aka the man eating shark. I believe his exact words to me that night were, "I love coming to costume parties, because there's the people who are dressed up but you know they're still trying to look cute. And then there's people like you and me, who don't care at all about looking cute and instead go for the most fabric as possible."

One of my bosses. He has better legs than me. And clearly wears a bigger bra than me as well.
It might be hard to see past the glare of the relective construction vest, but that's me, in the big purple costume. I learned how to stuff the head, thus making it stand straight up with little effort. That's what she said.

Li'l Mil in his hotdog costume.
Hizznizzle, painfully stuffing his face into a child-size batman mask. I almost peed.

Hizznizzle again, and again I almost peed.

Bone Senior, The Jam, Li'l Mil, and Son of The Jam.


$teve said...

That's the first cute hot dog AND teletubby costume that I've ever seen. I'm a hideous wookie...but I have yet to see a cute one...only a fuzzy one. :) I need to hang out at cool Halloween parties instead of working. I got a call about a skinny dipping Halloween work. "Yeah, I just wanted to thank you for working tonight." "YEAH WELL, THANK ME ORALLY? Oh wait, I guess you just did..."

g said...

i hate that i can't see Hot Rob's face- he is like the mystery man to me.

Andi Mae said...

Ohhh, so fun that Bone Senior and Son of the Bone could be there!!

Erin said...

what a cute weiney owen is!