Friday, November 16, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos, Bone Senior!

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Sister

10. She's the cutest mom.

9. She's always up for anything.

8. She's a good sport about being forced to sit through my favorite parts of the Elvis '68 Comeback Special.

7. She knows the rules about when to use "who" and "whom".

6. She's the best partner to have when playing games like Catchphrase and Mad Gab.

5. She has the cutest way of trying to tell a joke and not remembering the punch line.

4. She lets me wake up her baby just so I can cuddle with him.

3. She finally knows that Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes are not the same person, but she still thinks that Josh Lucas and Matthew McConaughey are the same person.

2. She's a master seamstress - she designed and hand made two Elvis purses for me, going so far as to research his different jumpsuits and making beaded patterns that are exact replicas.

1. She loves me no matter what.

Happy Birthday Sister!


li'l mil said...

Wow...your sister sounds amazing! ;)

And I think deep down when you say "cute" you really mean "mostly annoying but also slightly endearing." And that's okay love me anyway!

Erin said...

I love that most of the stuff sarah listed was st uff that i love about m too! Happy birthday my friend. love you! did you get my phone message?