Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Part 1: Mischief Night

Since no one out here knows what Mischief Night is, and I couldn't convince anyone to go toilet papering with me, (although I had several offers to egg McBicep's cars) I decided to make good use of the most awesome Halloween costume ever, and went to a party.

I made myself a huge hit at the party by making a huge spectacle of myself on the dance floor. I could dance as dirty as I wanted to, and everyone just laughed because check out that Teletubby that's dirty dancing.
Early on, my wildest fantasy came true. Me surrounded by sweaty Elvises.
Me and good old case you didn't know, Abe and I go way back...

...three years back, to be exact. That's me sneaking in behind President Lincoln during his speech because they were going to make me pay to get a picture with him. Looks like I got my picture after all.

This is going to be my Christmas card this year.

Elvis butts drive me nuts.

I don't care how floppy and lopsided my costume head is; those shiny tights are fantastic.


$teve said...

Excellent costume!!! I wonder though...did the guy dressed up as Robin have to lose a bet to dress up as Robin.

"Can't we both be Batman?"
"That's f**king stupid. We'll take the spread on the Patriots game. I say they're going to win by more than 40 points. Are you in or out?"
"Hell yeah, I'm in." Four days after that bet, he's the Boy Wonder. Not even the Joker, the Boy...Wonder. Poor bastard. :)

Tarable said...

I think I love you Teletubby Bone Junior.

barb said...

the ears on the teletubby suit slay me.

g said...

your face!

g said...

also - i know what mischief night is. east siiiide!

Andi Mae said...

Sweet Fancy there's a girl who enjoys her some Halloween. You look spectacular, darling.