Friday, January 19, 2007

Viva La Sundance Film Festival 2007!

Yesterday kicked off the official start of the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and as a volunteer, I officially am part of the festivities this year. Actually it all started on Wednesday when I checked in and received my first official swag bag (pictured, minus the vest, hat, and travel coffee mug).

Starting tomorrow, I'll be working at The New Frontier on Main with about 14 male Star Trek nerds. I likey my odds.

I'm also hoping that by working there, my celebrity sighting stories will trump my last Sundance celebrity sighting, when I locked eyes with this Backstreet Boy, and then tripped over a fire hydrant. Lit'rally.


stupidramblings said...

Can you get me celeb phone numbers?

Bone Junior said...

Give Bone Junior time to put her pheremones to work, and I can get you celeb hotel room numbers.

hizznizzle said...

You are about one step away from moving to L.A. to write screenplays. Lets see, swag bag? Check. Apple notebook? Check. Travel coffee mug? Check. Beret? Check. Lets see are you missing anything? Oh yeah, a winning football team. GO BEARS!!