Monday, January 29, 2007

T Minus 8 Hours and Counting...And by Counting, I mean Sweating, Shaking, and Panicking

So today is the big day. Huge Bald Guy With Biceps As Big As My Head called me last night to set everything up for the game tonight. I of course panicked and bumbled around, unable to form a coherent sentence. And then the panic set in.

So rather than think about that, I'll tell you about my celebrity sighting experience at Sundance this weekend. As I was riding the shuttle up to Main Street, who gets on and sits right next to me, but William H. Macy.

I won't even tell you that when I told Bone Senior this story, she said, "Who's William H. Macy?" This coming from the gal who introduced me to the wonderful world of Mystery Men in the first place.

I sat there, staring straight ahead but totally aware of his presence next to me. I would've sat there in silence if the shuttle hadn't broken down, and he made a joke about walking the rest of the way. I saw my opportunity and grabbed the bull by the horns.

Bone Junior: I hope you don't mind me saying this, because I really admire your scope of work, but I have to say, my favorite role of yours is The Shoveler.

WHM: Laughs. Believe it or not, I get that a lot, so thank you.

BJ: Really? Leans forward in excitement. Will you do the line? The line about how you shovel well?

WHM: Lucille, God gave me a gift. I shovel well. I shovel very well.

BJ: Claps hands and rejoices.

In all, my Sundance Film Fesitval experience was a fun one. I didn't see a lot of celebrities, but I met a lot of interesting people. And something about being around the people in Park City gave me the guts to ask out Huge Bald Guy With Biceps As Big As My Head. Maybe it was a contact high from all the artsy fartsy hippies I was around - whatever it was, I'm officially in panic mode.


Scratch Subtle said...

I think you left something out about screaming and running down the stairs with so much momentum that you . . . well, lets just say that the phone call was not nearly as jarring as the swift trip downward.

Bone Junior said...

I think YOU left something out about that swift trip downward involving a purple muu muu and some bedazzled fuzzy purple slippers.

stupidramblings said...

What a great movie. And by great, I mean it had Paul Ruebens in it.

"I can only go invisible when no one is looking."

Erin said...

that is so cool that you saw william h macy! and i can't believe you had the guts to talk to him like you did! way to go...well, I guess anything is possible after you asked out big bicep guy! and I agree, PC does make you ballsy. lets keep the trend going shall we?

HPLuvr said...

So *scratching head* totally okay talking to WHM...but B.G.W.B.A.B.A.M.H. gives you sweaty pits!?!

Also about the lovely outfit you called and asked him out in- How soon until video phones are the norm? Gone are those light hearted days of simply sweating over what to say...

Andi Mae said...

I liked him in Seabuscuit as well. It would have been sweeter if Paul Reuben had been there and you could have done my favorite scene together: "Tsk, tsk tsk." "There's not enough beer in the world, Spleen."

And by the way- how's the date going? I'm writing this as you are surely stuffing your face with yummy cheesy nachos with fake cheese...

Tarable said...

Bone Junior - I too have been thinking of you this evening and wondering how your date is going.

I'm cheering you on from B.C.

li'l mil said...

um, excuse me, but someone was supposed to play the part of the extreme girly girl and call me during halftime to update me on the hotness of the date...

and i'm right there scratching my head with hpluvr that you can ask a celebrity to do a line from mystery men and yet calling up Biceps as Big Around as Your Head gives you the shakes.

and also, i knew who WHM was, i just wanted to make sure i was thinking of the right guy :)

i hope you had fun last night--i waited up WAAAAY past my bedtime for that halftime phone call that never came! i hope that was a GOOD SIGN.

barb said...

if you would have said you met "chappy" from Happy Texas- i wouldn've known who you were talking about.

good luck tonight hunnee. errr, yesternight i guess. loveth you.

if you didn't come home with a ring on your finger i'll be disappointed.