Thursday, March 13, 2008

T.T.P.M.O.T.: Things That Piss Me Off Thursday

A pessimistic revision of Tarable's T.I.L.T., which I plan on doing on a Thursday when I'm not pissy.

Things That Piss Me Off Thursday:

- Rainy, cold, gloomy days like today.

- This guy I work with who, every time he walks past my desk, locks my three-hole puncher so that the next time I go to use it, I have to spend ten minutes wrestling with the stupid lock. That pisses me off.

- Having my boss ask me, first thing in the gloomy morning, "Who are you dating now?"

- When you shoot nasal spray up your nose and it runs down the back of your throat and you choke on it.

- The nasty taste of nasal spray.

- When one of your ears won't pop and you spend ridiculous amounts of time yawning and pinching your nostrils and blowing out in an effort to make that bitch pop.

- Trying to hock a loogie in the parking lot and instead you hock too vigorously and the loogie dribbles out onto your chin and shirt and the two guys nearby start laughing at you.

- When you reach into your coat pocket after you accidentally hock a loogie onto yourself, and instead of finding a tissue, you find a fake plastic spider which causes you to let out a low, manly wail; which causes the two guys nearby to laugh even harder.

- The realization that your birthday is in three weeks and it's the first birthday in your life that you actually feel old.


$teve said...

I hope that you start to feel better soon. I'm sorry about the gloomy weather. I'll see what I can do about it. Oh...and happy birthday in a few weeks. :)

Andi Mae said...

Good list. That would piss me off, too. And Happy Birthday- and it WILL be happy! (Is it on a Thursday, though?)

Tarable said...

Ha ha ha... I struggle not to make a TTPMOT list every day.

I like it.

Marostica said...

Sorry you have a sucks huh? Sometimes it is just nice for someone to agree with you than trying to make you feel better. So get pissed and get mad and while your at it think about how much you made my day seem better than yours...