Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Holla Dayz

One of my goals for the week is to do a 2007 Movies Year In Review. This is not that post.

Speaking of goals, 2007 was an interesting year. I plan on doing an entire post about the goals I'd made for 2007 and their result; however, this is not that post either. Stay tuned though, you have lots to look forward to.

This post is about my holiday season. My final Feliz Navidad countdown was only sixteen this year! I think it's because I switched holiday music stations from last year.

My holla dayz started with a bang when I participated in an ugly Christmas sweater contest at work. Can you believe I didn't win? I mean, that sweater had dimension to it.
Soon after, I presented my fellow Elvis lover, Elizabeth, with an Elvis Christmas stocking stuffed with none other than her very own velvet Elvis.

Attempt #1: My Elvis looks like a Jew. Attempt #2: Her Elvis looks like a Gelfling. Attempt #3: Perfection.

Attempt #4: Perfection times two.

I carried the holla day cheer 2,000 miles east to Philadelphia, where I spent eight days wearing my sweat pants and eating Buckeyes. My first morning there started with a breakfast of Diet Pepsi Max and a Tastykake Tasty Klair Pie, aka, sweet nectar from heaven.
I spent the rest of the morning with this little guy:
...taking ghetto fabulous pictures like this:
...and making videos like this:
I also bestowed upon my nephew the most awesome Christmas gift,
which as you can clearly see, he clearly loved.

Which pretty much brings us to New Years Eve. I partied like a rockstar. Ok, not really. But Elizabeth and I decided to kick off the celebration with our traditional picture:

Followed by a cream-puff-stuffing contest.

I won.

Followed by traditional midnight festivities...

And I said goodbye to a dear, dear old friend. Diet Pepsi Max (and all other sodas), R.I.P. You will be missed.

I'm determined to win the bet of quitting soda cold turkey. For every day my co-worker Dean and I go without soda, a dollar accumulates into a pot. Whoever buckles first pays the other person.

Days clean: 2

Headaches: many

Ounces of water drank today: 96

Happy Bone Juniors: zero.


$teve said...

Tastykakes are f**king awesome!!! My Aunt Sissy used to bring them to me for Christmas (RIP Sissy). I'm glad that you had a wonderful Holla Day Season...and that you're going to win your bet with your coworker. :)

Bone Junior said...

Tastykakes are SO awesome that I spent fifty bucks to stock up on every kind they had at WalMart and another thirty bucks to have them shipped out here...

One Nut Jerkyll said...

I have been without soda since the Monday following Thanksgiving. Yes, the headaches are from the lack of caffeine, but there is hope... They do go away.

g said...

those pictures of you blowing the noise makers on new years almost made me pees. yeah- you know what I am talking about...

Bone Junior said...

G, you about pees your pants?

tinlizzie said...

i'm so happy you've stuck to your goal! but don't forget the other goal...once a month! :) i miss you TONS!!! i'm going through withdrawals and i haven't even been gone a week! this is going to be a LONG two months!