Sunday, January 27, 2008

ESPN, Why You Want to Torment Me?

I was enjoying my Saturday afternoon, still glowing from the exhilaration of seeing Rambo on Friday night (and yes, it was as awesome and amazing as I'd hoped it would be. It was absolutely everything I want from an action film), relaxing on my bed and spending some quality time with Joaquin El Divo the Tivo; when I channel surfed to ESPN. I was about to continue flipping through, when the familiar green uniforms that I love more than life itself caught my eye, and I heard a narration that made my heart stop.

"The Philadelphia Eagles stepped from the shadows of three straight NFC Championship losses, and onto the biggest and brightest stage in sports: Superbowl 39. But to win their first world championship in more than four decades, the Eagles would have to defeat the defending world champion New England Patriots, who were accustomed to the scrutiny that comes with greatness."

ESPN was broadcasting a thirty-minute recap of Superbowl 39; or as I like to call it, The Day I Died a Little More Inside.


Everyone has painful moments that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Horrible, tragic moments. They remember what they were wearing, where they were, how they felt - like the day in seventh grade when Matt Deckman turned around in English class to tell me that my boyfriend Kyle didn't want to go out with me anymore; and also that my front was a flat as my back. Hypothetically.

My painful memory is the day the Eagles lost the Superbowl. Watching the ESPN recap, I felt exactly like I had that day in 2004, tears and all.

That's right - I literally cried when I watched this show. I felt the agony of their loss all over again, like pouring salt on my openly wounded heart.

"Down by seven points and with barely thirteen minutes remaining in Superbowl 39; the glow of Philadelphia's world championship dream was dimming...McNabb's third interception ended Philadelphia's hopes."

No! No! No! Not again!

"The Eagles' last ditch, valiant effort falls short, and yet as great a game as it was, and as much as you have to respect the Eagles, it still remains a painful, painful defeat."


I clench my fist, hold it to my trembling mouth and whisper, "Whhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..."

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$teve said...

There, there. It's okay. We all feel for you. I'm still under the impression that Belichick poisoned McNabb at halftime somehow...and that's why the last two-minute drive looking like McNabb was going to collapse. We're all just lucky that he survived the strychnine.