Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 Resolution #1: Date

Yes, just date. More specifically, be open to dating guys who aren't huge bald guys with biceps as big as my head. (I've been told I have a "type".)

Status: Off to a good start, as I've been asked out for tonight.

That's right, folks; close your jaws and blink once or twice. Someone asked me out. And by "someone", I mean a guy who lives in my neighborhood and has a motorcycle.

It has all the familiar markings of a date: he called & asked in advance, he has a plan, has set the time, and is picking me up. It's a date, right?

We're going to a hockey game. I tried to warn him that I can get a little out of hand at sporting events - case in point, see photo below.
A fun time should be had by all.


$teve said...

Enjoy your date. GO EAGLES!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Tarable said...

Yay Bone Junior! Have fun!

tinlizzie said...

That's freakin awesome! I must know who this fellow is! But most importantly...did you have fun? (BTW I'm so glad you're in for my 27th!)

li'l mil said...

Holy crap, I talked to you for how long yesterday and you didn't even MENTION this?? My feelings totally aren't hurt at all.

Just kidding.

I'm furious. So furious that it's only 8:30 am your time and I'm going to call you.


photography by Mikki said...

So how did it go?????

g said...

i cant wait to hear the update!