Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Suddenly Things Are Looking Up

It is eight degrees this morning. Eight. And windy, which makes for extra fun after putting on lip gloss and venturing out to the parking lot. You ladies know what I'm talking about.

While today is the coldest it's been all winter, I haven't really wanted to get out of bed for the past few days. Last night, I hit the height of my lethargy when I was in bed, surrounded by no less than six pillows, eating honey roasted peanuts by sticking my tongue into the jar and fishing around until a few peanuts stuck, watching American Idol tryouts from Philadelphia. It was the epitomy of high class and sophistication, if you can picture it.

I was getting bored and super-fast-forwarding through the commercials when something caught my eye and I bolted upright, sending my jar of peanuts flying. Did I just see what I thought I saw? Can it be? I rewound and watched the commercial that had grabbed my attention.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I watched it again.

How did I not know about this!?! How has this slipped past my radar?!?

I put Joaquin El Divo the Tivo on pause and ran, literally RAN, screaming down the stairs to Yanaj's room. She heard me coming from two stories above and didn't hesitate when I screamed at her that she HADTOCOMEUPSTAIRSRIGHTNOWRIGHTTHISSECOND!

We ran back up to my room and I had to catch my breath before unveiling to Yanaj the wonderment and magic that had brought me so much joy.

Feast your eyes upon this.

I know. I can hardly believe it either. At least now I have plans for Valentine's Day.


tinlizzie said...

Can you believe it's coming out?! Oh the hotness! I saw the preview when I went to a movie last week here in LA and was so EXCOITED. Channing is so FOINE!

Anonymous said...

sARAH. Congrats on the soda droubt. I hope you aren't going too crazy! How do you feel????? I've refused myself the ok to check out your blog for a day or two so that I'd be pleasantly surprised when there was more. Today there is much more. I wish I could hug you for the entertainment you've provided today. Hope you're great!

li'l mil said...

I can't say I share your enthusiasm, but hey, you make me more excited about it than I normally would be! Make sure you show up at least 45 mins early so you can score the perfect seats...that one might sell out on opening night, you know.

hizznizzle said...


I would totally be there with you, but my dog is going to have surgery and someone will need to drain the pus from the incision if it becomes infected and I would rather do that with a straw or bang on my head with a ball ping hammer than watch that two hours of nauseating teen horse sh**.

Oh, and I'm not gay.