Thursday, May 31, 2007

Viva La Baby, or, I Accidentally Gleeked on My Boss

Coming back to work after a trip is never easy. What's also not easy is accidentally gleeking on your boss's face when you come back from a trip. Which is exactly what happened to me this morning.

But who wants to hear about awkward gleeking moments - especially how my boss wears glasses and I actually gleeked on his glasses and had to just stand there as he cleared his throat and wiped them off. Sigh.

So to avoid reliving that horribly embarassing moment from this morning, please to enjoy a synopsis of my Week in Review:

I flew to Philadelphia, basked in the humidity, cried when I saw Baby Owen for the first time, cried when I saw my sister again and marveled at the fabulousness of her boobs, peed a little when I met Terrence Howard at a diner (for more detail on this story, see Bone Senior's blog), gorged myself on artichoke dip, gorged myself on Rita's water ice twice a day, gorged myself more on Tastykakes, gorged myself on Baby Owen - I even changed THREE poopy diapers, and he drooled on me a lot and I didn't gag, although there were some close calls - sobbed immensely when I had to leave, and cried the whole way to the airport. It wasn't even the movie crying like when McBicep left - I'm talking full on snot and hiccups crying.

In all, it was a great trip.

My first attempt to get Baby Owen dressed. He got mad and I got frustrated so I decided to do his hair instead.

Baby Owen digs his aunt's sausage joke.

Baby Owen also got a little frightened and probably peed a little.

Baby Owen drools as much as me when I sleep.

Big Daddy Luke hearts him.

Owen hearts Samuel.

He got a little bothered when I told him that his nightie was actually a dress with elastic at the bottom. Then I promised to get him a nice pair of sparkly red tap shoes for his first birthday.

Baby Owen really digs his aunt's rump roast joke.

Baby Owen slips into Bone Senior's bosom a lot better than mine. Sigh.

My favorite part of the trip. Better even than Rita's water ice, Tastykakes, and Terrence Howard.


HPLuvr said...

My Auntie My!! Quite the trip. I would cry too if I had to leave that.

barb said...

aww- he's sooooo
cuu(glottal stop)e!

seriously- i want to go see him while he's still so little. looks like you guys had some baybay fun!

Tarable said...

I'm crying just reading about it and looking at the pictures.

He's adoreable.

the queen said...

congrats on becoming a new auntie. he is very sweet. oh the things you can teach him one day!

Andi Mae said...

You're right- it's enough to make you cry!! Glad you got to go see the bebe. He is SO STINKIN' cute!! And you're a hot aunt.

Erin said...

HE IS SO FREAKIN CUTE! I heart him too, and I want to gorge myself on Owen, Rita's, and Tastey Cakes!

li'l mil said...

everyone's welcome at ye olde hotel de mil! owen's been seriously neglected without houseguests lately...