Thursday, May 24, 2007


The Scene: The marble entryway of a 1.4 million dollar custom home that the company I work for has opened to the public for the Parade of Homes. It's 7:30 pm, and I've been working at the home since noon.

The Players: Myself, The Jam, and my boss Dave.


Bone Junior: Dave, this is my friend, The Jam. The Jam, this is my boss, Dave.

The Jam: Hi! I'm also Bone Junior's hair stylist.

Dave: Really. (Gives me the once over; eyes lingering on my wind-blown, frazzled, hasn't-been-washed-in-three-days, slightly-crimpy-from-letting-it-air-dry-three-days-ago, I've-put-in-forty-hours-of-overtime-at-this-parade-home, messy, tired hair). Huh....well...I hope you didn't pay too much for that.

Bone Junior: Touche!!

Awkward pause.

Dave: I don't think you're using that word correctly.

Bone Junior: I don't think you're using that word correctly, Dave. You're being insegrevious.

Another awkward pause.

Dave: Is that even a real word? I don't think that's a real word.

Bone Junior: Touche, Dave. Touche.

End scene.


li'l mil said...

Oh my joy cup runneth over! INSEGREVIOUS!!

Also, I like how Jam has to point out that she's not just your friend, she's also your hair stylist. Like, she's not just the president of the hair club for men, she's also a member. Tell Jam I miss her.

Erin said...

HECK YES ITS A REAL WORD! you tell him to talk to the guy he is supposed to hire SOON and he will tell him where to find it in the dictionary.

Tarable said...

The Jam has a cutie pie little boy - and a totally hot hubby.

(Is in inappropriate for me to say that?)

Ok, to be honest I'm just trying to change the subject because I don't know how to cleverly use INSEGREVIOUS in a sentence.

photography by Mikki said...

Sarah- Beautiful Sarah! I hope you're having the best time w/ your baby Owen... I'm sure you don't want to come back- But you might even be back today!