Friday, May 04, 2007

Reason #47 Why I Love My Job

Today, the Vice-President of my company sent out the following email to every single person in the company:

Dear Employees:

We have had several complaints the past few weeks from all the tenants in the building that employees and other tenants are parking in the parking stalls that are designated for visitor parking. Pleas make sure that starting on Monday next week and continuing forever you are not parked in any of the parking stalls marked visitor.

I don’t want to have to tow anyone (Bone Junior), but I will if must needs be. Especially because you put that big ugly Eagle on your window.

Thanks for all your cooperation and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

-The Vice-President

My response was short and sweet:

Dear Vice-President:

My only concern is that the Eagle isn’t ugly…it’s freaking awesome and bad ace. Don't be jelly.


Bone Junior


The Rules said...

Yeah, I don't much care for the Eagles either. But Bone Junior, I gotta hand it to you: you're the only Eagles fan I've ever known who hasn't constantly deserved a healthy dose of Adidas Enema.

Toots said...

How old is he?

Erin said...

I need to start slipping into some depends when i visit your blog I think.

punk rock girl said...

hi bone junior. i noticed you linked my blog. thats rad. how did you find us?

li'l mil said...

slip into some depends!! HAHAHAAA! also, bone junior, i hope you sent that response to the whole company as well...