Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dizzy Bat, The Perfect Sunday Afternoon, and McBicep Update

I'm sure many of you have been waiting with breath that is baited to find out the results of the DizzyBatapalooza '07 from a few weeks ago.

Please to enjoy a photo diary of the scariest thing I've ever done. Except for asking out McBicep. That was way scarier than doing the Dizzy Bat in front of a record-breaking attendance crowd at the BYU / UVSC baseball game.

Phase One: Poised and ready to begin our ten revolutions around the baseball bat

Phase Two: The Catcher couldn't stop staring at my butt.

Phase Three: I've already made it to first base when Heather gets man handled by the Wolverine, or as I called him, Teen Wolf.

Phase Four: After running back across the field to our seats, we realized that we had become the butt of someone's joke. And by "someone", I am referring to Joe, the accountant I work with. Joe, who's son plays for UVSC. Joe, who conspired with his son to have the UVSC players put grease on the ends of the bats we were using.

In other news, with the return of summer comes the return of my addiction to the sun. Last year, I spent every single Sunday afternoon sitting in my purple tri-fold lawn chair, which was sitting in my kiddie pool in the back yard. I became the color of terra cotta, lit'rally. And I loved every minute of it...until the server at Costa Vida started speaking Spanish to me because he thought I was Latina. Then I swore off the sun for a week.

But after moving into a townhouse on the side of the mountain with no back yard, I was panicked that I'd have nowhere to simmer in a kiddie pool. Luckily, Yanaj was dog sitting for Duke and Porter - two of the biggest, sweetest, dumbest dogs I've ever known. With a nice, private, fenced in yard, I knew how I'd be spending my Sunday afternoon.

Htebazile and Duke, who loved the pool. He loved it so much that he later ripped a big hole in it.

Porter refused to get in the pool with us. I called him a big baby for the rest of the day.

Since the pool was only a few feet wide, Htebazile and Yanaj stood in it while I set up my lawnchair and submerged my legs. I scoffed at their sunblock and proclaimed, "SPF this!!"

After an exhausting afternoon of sunbathing and paddling, Porter and Duke had the right idea.

In International News, I'd like to give a shout out to my Canadian readers, and say Happy Belated Victoria Day. I don't know what Victoria Day is or what it means, or if Canadians even get the day off work, but let's dance anyway.

In McBicep Update News, he's officially been in Detroit for ten days, and he's called me three times. That's right - he's called me. So to my bosses who say I'm just being used as a storage unit, I say, put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Tarable said...

Thanks for the Victoria Day shout out. Yes, indeed it is a holiday that most of us get off.

So let's dance!

li'l mil said...

First, Bone Junior (I always want to abbreviate it to BJ but just can't make myself do it for fear of the can of worms it may open!): aren't you addicted to the sun about 360 days of the year? :)

And Tarable: I realize that we're on the Internet and I could look up Victoria Day, but I was hoping you'd elaborate in your comment :)

Tarable said...

Victoria Day is in celebration of the birthday of Queen Victoria - who never lived in Canada... and died about a million years ago. Shamefully I'm not entirely sure what she did that was so worthy of giving all of us Canadians a day off but what the heck, I'll take it.

As for the dancing part, I was just going along with what BJ (snicker) said after her shout out to us Canadians and our holiday, "but let's dance anyways." That, and having a day off makes me want to dance anyways.

And now you're all up to date on your Canadian statutory holiday trivia.... sorta.