Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays, Except It's Tuesday

You guys. Ok.

I have nothing to blog about. Except that today I was playing ping-pong with one of the loan officers from across the hall, who I play against pretty often. We were PING-ing for serve, and he slammed the ball at my face, on purpose, and it hit me in the mouth. Right on the mouth, full speed, and it really stung. My eyes even watered a little.

But I bit my trembling lip and told him that karma was a bitch, so he'd better watch out. Then he beat me, and I'm still waiting for karma to kick in.

Some days. Sigh.


$teve said...

Oh...the Karma's coming. It's just waiting until he's not expecting it...and until then, it will surely drive him MAD!!! Vengeance shall be yours. :)

Sorry about the mouth. I'd offer to, you know, kiss it better...but yeah, we don't really know each other. :)

photography by Mikki said...

nasty Ben. Sarah, you make me smile. And I would have walked over after slamming down the paddle, and smacked him for hitting you in the lip.

li'l mil said...

I can't believe you still played a full game after that! Want me to send him some black, dead roses?