Thursday, April 17, 2008

She's Crafty

Somewhere in between helping her friends, starting a company, and giving BIRTH; my good friend k*t managed to send me an amazing gift. Behold:That's right folks - a homemade Elvis blanket and two washcloths. K*t said it best in her card:

" Happy late birthday! I saw this blanket material & I thought of you right away, so naturally, I had to get it & make you a blanket! Then I saw the Elvis bordering & laughed out loud! I've never bordered anything before, let alone washcloths! I figured that any die hard Elvis fanatic just HAS to have an Elvis bordered washcloth. Plus, I figured that you'd love to have a sane excuse to rub his face all over your body! What better excuse than a washcloth! Now you can say you've showered with The King! "

I was totally blown away! THANK YOU K*T - you are amazing! And you're right, I did need a sane excuse to rub Elvis' face all over my body...


The Rules said...

Are you gonna fart into this Elvis blanket too?

mY dEwDrOpS said...

yes, i'm crafty, but you forgot to mention that i get around :) i'm glad you like your present. and feel free to fart in this blanket too! i bet it holds in the best covered wagons! :)