Monday, April 07, 2008

Bone Junior's Birthday Extravaganza 2008

My birthday celebration is over, the dust has settled, and I'll be eating cake and ice cream for breakfast for at least the next week. I had an absolutely fabulous birthday and thanks to my Target registry, I seriously got more gifts than I had since I was six. What more could a gal ask for?

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who came out to lunch, came out to dinner, gave me presents, called, texted, emailed, and watched me shove my face into the cake at the end of the night. I felt truly blessed to have so many people that care about me. Cue the single tear, aaaaaaaaaaaand scene.

I wanted to document how my makeup started out looking and how I was supposed to look incredibly fresh faced all night but unfortunately did not.
Bone Junior and Brother Bone. Can you spot the Bone who got the Lebanese genes? Also please to note how my skin tone is only slightly shades lighter than the wood paneled background. Damn you wood paneling! You trump me yet again.
Jamie and Kyle
Brit and Nicole.
Henefir and myself. Can you spot the real Hispanic person? I'll give you a hint. Despite all evidence to the contrary, it's not me.
Me and some of my favorite ladies: Henefir, Nicole, Yanaj, me, Emily.
Me and Nicole. It's not an optical illusion - she really does tower over me, even in my high shoes. Oh to be a long legged gazelle-like creature.
One of my dearest friends, Heather.
Ben and The Emily.
Emily and Henefir.
Eric and Heather.
This is me attempting to read Heather's card and using Brother Bone to translate. Why? Because the card was in Spanish, and also it was a Mother's Day card.
Nicole won the prize for the biggest gift bag.
The best presents are the ones that you can hide behind.Yanaj and Nicole.
The fruits of Nicole's gift bag: The Last Unicorn DVD and my new favorite stuffed animal. Yes, that's a plush unicorn. I named her Precious.
Diving head first into the cake.
Hot, I know. I can't understand why I don't have a boyfriend...
In other news, Rico is getting his racing stripes today!! I haven't been this excited since Friday night when I was opening all my presents!! Pictures definitely to follow.


Jen said...

it's me! it's me!! i'm the real hispanic! although you would never be able to tell next to you and the fact that winter has stolen any color that i was blessed with. thanks for having a birthday! it was so much fun!!

$teve said...

Looks like a great time. Happy birthday once again!!!

Tarable said...

I LOVED The Last Unicorn!!

Probably my alltime favorite cartoon movie ever.

Andi Mae said...

Happy birthday! Did your wish come true? (And I can't believe how much Bone Brother looks like Bone Senior! Where did you come from? ;)

Erin said...

YAY! what a happy birthday! your celebration looks like fun! I am glad I could go to lunch with you, since I couldn't go to dinner. And I am also glad that someone got you the unicorn that I was too chicken to buy...I just didn't know if it was purple enough.