Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home Again Home Again, Jiggety Jig

What a whirlwind weekend. My body is completely out of whack from taking red-eye flights to Philadelphia and the time change, and from being woken up every morning at 5:50 AM by a one-year-old peering over his crib at me, shouting, "Hi! Hi! Hi!"

It was wonderful.

I went home because Li'l Mil turned one year old and I had armloads of presents to deliver to him. This is why I'm the coolest aunt ever and why Li'l Mil is now the envy of all the other dental student children:

Can you guess what my inspiration was? And yes, I'm currently taking orders.

While I was home, I discovered that Li'l Mil had a shared love of two tasty and also wonderful things: my feet...
and Tastyklair pies.
Also while I was home, I took full advantage of the fact that Bone Senior's husband is a soon-to-be dentist, and I asked him to make impressions of my snaggle teeth and make a retainer for me. He kindly obliged, but I think he only did it so he could prevent me from talking for two minutes by shoving pink goopy stuff in my mouth. And Bone Senior took full advantage of the photo op: me drooling and trying not to gag while the dentist wiped the goopy stuff on my face.
Dentist: It's not really hard yet...hmmm...the stuff around your mouth is still soft....what about the part in your mouth? Is it hard?

Bone Senior: That's what she said.

Bone Junior: I make a really awesome spitting/gagging/laughing sound right as Bone Senior snapped the picture.

My favorite face of the weekend.


Josh and Gloriana said...

all i have to say is that i will be expecting tee-shirts like this when i have children.

$teve said...

I love Tasty Kakes...and Rocky. Can I get down for one of those "Eat Lightning & Crap Thunder" ones for my nephew? That'd be awesome. :)

Andi Mae said...

Ha! Yeah, I better be getting some major Rocky love when we start having wee babes. (I could always swaddle my children in my pink "I eat lightning and crap thunder" shirt...but I don't want it to get peed on.

Also- I hope you didn't gag on the impression stuff! Yikes!

Tarable said...

He's so cute.

I particularly like his hair when he's eating the Tastyklair pie.

Marostica said...

I too, loved the hair style you influenced. Quite the little stud, even if I have not a clue what the lines on his t-shirts you made him stand for. I know some rocky thing. Looks like I need to watch movies more. Fun to eat Molten with you.