Friday, October 12, 2007

I Should Probably Stop...

...but I just can't. A challenge of this magnitude is bigger than my will to back down. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the Eagles.

Temporary tattoos are now involved, with the winner choosing placement of said tattoos on the loser's body. I heard the Landscaper has always wanted an Eagles helmet tattooed on his forehead. (Pronounced farhead, can I get an amen, Bone Senior?)

But now, other people are starting to get involved. People I didn't even know were Bears fans. Please to enjoy my email smack-talk correspondance with Hizznizzle:

Hizznizzle: How can I get in on this? You name your price. Mine if you will let me in on this and when the DA'BEARS win is, I get to be there when you bow down and and admit the Eagles do indeed suck. Let me know.

Bone Junior: Hmmm...this could get interesting. Part of the Landscaper's deal is that IF (and that's a big IF) the Eagles lose, then I'm supposed to round up all the people who hate my Eagles sticker to be there on the jobsite when he collects on his bounty. That could include you, and all the superintendents here who call it a "chicken hawk". But hey, I always welcome a challenge, so anything you'd like to add, BRING IT!

(I feel a little retarded for myself when I see that I actually used the phrase "Bring it". But hey, at least I didn't say TTYL. Can I get another amen, Bone Senior??)

Hizznizzle: Well then, I can’t say that I “hate” your chicken hawk (btw, love the slander to your sticker so I will be using it from now on), but if part of your bet is rounding up anyone who would enjoy seeing it peeled off, then by matter of technicality it is your obligation to not chincer-cheet on the bet and tell me when this will be happening. Otherwise, if you don’t tell me you therefore are not holding up your end of the deal. So I don’t have to necessarily bet anything and I will get to be there for the festivities.


If the bet doesn’t include you having to let “anyone” be there to see you kneel before a BEARS fan and publicly denounce your chickenhawks, then a wager must be made so that when the BEARS win I will get to be there for that. So what is equal to me being able to be there with video camera in hand to watch you get your knees dirty (awesome) and cry out to the football gods that the eagles to indeed suck?

I welcome all offers.

Bone Junior: WHEN the Eagles win and the Bears fan (or should I say FANS, as you are now part of this crowd that will have to bow down before me and get YOUR knees dirty) announces to the world (and the job site) that the Eagles rock out with their you-know-what's out, it will be taking place on Monday October 22, at lunch time on the job site. This is going to be the sweetest victory ever. And I already plan to have a video camera handy, and said video will be posted on my blog for all to enjoy. The world loves a crying Bears fan.

Get your knee pads ready.

Hizznizzle: Let’s back up here. This bet is between you and Landscaper. As part of your bet with Landscaper it is your duty to let anyone know who would like to be there to witness you eating crow and where and when it will be done. So if by some divine intervention the chicken hawks should pull a win out the clutches of a far better and superior team then it will be Landscapers knees and his alone that will be getting dirty as you and I have yet come to an arrangement between us as to what our bet would be.

So scabby knees, like I stated in my previous email. I welcome all offers as to what you have in mind. And you didn’t address my previous question as to whether or not all and any are allowed to witness only the peeling of the chicken hawk or the bowing down of one disgraced fan as well.

Who here thinks I should make Hizznizzle join the Landscaper on his knees?


hizznizzle said...

In the words of one obviously hard core fan......BRING IT.

li'l mil said...

Amen, amen, and amen. Definitely get Hizznizzle in on the groveling. If Hizz wants to revel in the glory, he must also partake in the defeat.

And you don't have to get retarded tingles until you actually use, "It's already been broughten!"


Anonymous said...

OCT 22 MMMMMMM Love to be there but i'll be hunting. I am happy for you that you did WIN. Just luck !!! HAHA, Giants are still #1 For my b-day giants will win today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I mean monday!