Friday, October 19, 2007

Tag I'm It...So's Your Face

I have been tagged and must share 6 facts/habits about myself (6 for each time you are tagged by someone). Then I too must tag someone(or as many people as I wish) and leave a comment on their blog to notify them, and then they get to leave info about themselves and proceed to tag someone else. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Here it goes:

Fact #1 - Today I am wearing a velvet Elvis shirt. That is, a shirt with Elvis' face on it, and his face is made of velvet.

Fact #2 - I have offered to let many mens feel the velvet Elvis (which is strategically centered over my Junior's), but all declined. I choose to believe they declined not because my Junior's are not desireable, but because they value their jobs.

Fact #3 - Every girl I've seen today has felt the velvet Elvis, and by default, my Junior's.

Fact #4 - This is the weekend that will determine my mood for the next week. If the Eagles lose on Sunday, I will need people to come spoon-feed me ice cream, as I will not be getting out of bed until Monday morning.

Fact #5 - Because "apparently" no one in Utah cares about the Eagles and the game isn't being broadcast out here unless you have NFL Sunday Ticket and the only person I know who has NFL Sunday Ticket is a boy that I refer to as Bennefir because, really there's no explanation needed, suffice it to say that he bugs the hell out of me and I'm not willing to lower my standards by hanging out with him just to watch the game; my broheim and I are traveling 30 miles north on Sunday to a sports bar to watch the game.

Fact #6 - Bone Senior and Li'l Mil will be here in exactly ten days and I. Cannot. Wait.

So there you have it. Six fascinating facts about yours truly. I'm tagging Bone Senior, G, Erin, Andi Curb Your Passion, Barbie, Hey Mikki You So Fine, and Yanaj. Have at it!


$teve said...

I CARE ABOUT THE EAGLES!!! DAMN AFC WEST GAMES!!! WHO GIVES A DAMN IF THE RAIDERS LOSE AGAIN??? By the way, I would totally touch your velvet Elvis...

MG said...

I dig your new banner and stuff. But I have to admit I am surprised that Rocky's gloves are purple. I'm no design expert, but...

McNabb would be disappointed.