Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Party 2011: Seattle Edition

The Annual Oscar Party took place in Seattle this year, with the gals who helped start the tradition many years ago - my old roommates, Yanaj and Nicole. Words cannot do justice to the successful disaster that was The Official Oscar Cake this year, so please to enjoy a photo journey of our adventure in creating our first 3D Oscar Cake:



Eat funfetti frosting while Nicole mixes.

Be slightly puzzled at why the cakes bubbled up all funny.

Cut cake into completely uneven sections.

Dye frosting black and gold.

Spread frosting (read: sticky stuff to hold the base in place) on the cookie sheet.

Start building cake.

Hold chunks of cake while Yanaj figures out how to build it.

Realize that your cake is looking more like a cheeseburger than an Oscar.

Continue shellacking and stacking cake. Insert kabob skewers for support, which really won't lend any support whatsoever because you don't have any kind of secured base, except for cake.

Just keep adding skewers.

Realize that your cake looks more like a Transformer than an Oscar.

Determine that it's leaning... add more skewers, and hold it while you begin to sculpt

Begin dirty icing. Feel smugly proud of yourself because you watch Cake Boss and you know what the term "dirty icing" means. And since you watch Cake Boss, your Oscar cake cannot fail.

Continue slapping icing on in a manner that would make the Cake Boss fire you on the spot.

Use icing bag with star-shaped tip to do fancy frosting.

Oh, did I mention that somewhere in there, you realize Oscar is leeeeeeeeeaning so you add skewers on either side for support?

The finished product, pre-car ride.

And post-car ride. He barely survived the trip.

Not bad for our first-ever attempt at building a 3D Oscar cake, if I do say so myself.

Note to self: Watching Cake Boss does not a cake boss make.


em said...

That cake is boss.

andi said...

I was SO about to say, "If you watched Cake Boss, you would know to add rice cereal treats to make a sturdy base." But you DO watch Cake Boss. Go girl. And go cake. It looks taaaaaasty.