Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You Be The Judge

So, I'm having a fight with my sister on my Facebook wall. It goes like this:

Bone Junior: My sister wants me to love The Vampire Diaries, but my heart belongs to Puck.

Bone Senior: It's okay, you can love them both...Vampires are on on Thursdays.

Jr: But Puck loves fat bottom girls...he sang it, so it MUST be true. What do vampires love? Blood, that's what. Blood, and being pale. Neither of which appeals to me.

Sr: Let's just see what happens when Damon shows up at McKinley and gets ahold of Puck. What's he going to do, sing a stake through Damon's heart?

Jr: Puck won't even need a stake to put through Damon's heart, because men's hearts crumble when Puck sings.

Sr: I got nothing. Maybe they should do a mash up of Glee and Vampire Diaries just so we can compare abs.

Hopefully by now you know that I'm talking about Puck from "Glee", not Puck from "The Real World" like fifteen years ago. Gross. Also, if it came down to a battle of abs, I think my head might explode.

I don't know if my sister and I will ever agree on which guy is hotter, but here's what I do know: Lady is a master designer. Thanks to her, please to enjoy my Valentine's Day Portrait, which encompasses all that I love.


Johanna said...

a-thanka-you, a-thanka-you!

I still will think of Real World every time you mention Puck. Sorry, I'm just getting back to this pop culture thing.

IndyGo Wylde said...

I'm with you. If I were half my current age, I would want to join the glee club at McKinley, just to get a little closer to Puck.

em said...

I like that you call it a "fight" instead of a "valid, serious discussion between two mature adults." It makes us sound so much more Jerry Springer-ish.

I'm hanging up on you now. Because it's a fight. And that's what we do :)

$teve said...

On a serious note, who DOESN'T love fat bottomed girls? AAAAAARE YOU GONNA TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT???