Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

My seasonal affective disorder has been acting up due to the eighty-seven feet of snow we have here in Utah, so I jumped at the chance to road trip down to Vegas last weekend with Erin & Ryan. There's something wonderful about sunbathing in February.

I knew it was going to be a fun weekend when Ryan demonstrated his recording studio sing-along skillz in the first hour of the drive.
In case you can't tell, he's holding his earpiece and the mic as he rocks out.Also he holds the mic for Erin. What a sweet guy.Then I rock out in the back seat. Hot, I know.On Saturday, we drove to Primm - home of the famous Plastic Penis of Primm, right Andi?? Ew gross. I rode the roller coaster and peed a little, then spent way too much money shopping at the outlets there. Erin and I walked too fast for our male counterparts who got easily distracted in the casino, and we rode the shuttle back and forth while we waited for them to catch up. What shocks me about this picture is that I look as pale as Erin. Cory, Ryan & Heather weren't too happy that we jumped the shuttle without them.I also demonstrated the proper lip contortion for drinking through a straw when you don't want to get lip gloss shmang on the straw. Hot, I know.We visited a tasty little haven called The Cupcakery, where I spent more money than I've ever spent in my life on pastries.This is why no one likes me when I take pictures.This was the highlight of our time on the strip, I don't care how much Grandma Joy complained about it. He was an awesome Elvis, even if he was a little sweaty. Ok, a lot sweaty. This is what happens when you ask a girl to take your picture.This is what happens when you try to take the picture yourself:
cockeyed sunglasses and a big green thing in Erin's teeth that you didn't know was there.
And this is what happens when you ask Ryan to take your picture.
This is how Erin reacts to Ryan's crotch shots,
and this is how I yell at Ryan to take the damn picture right.This is Ryan's idea of "taking the picture right."
And this is me crotch-checking Ryan because I'm sick of him taking pictures of our crotches.

But definitely one of the highlights of my weekend was on Sunday when Yanaj called me to share exciting news: one of my secrets had been published on the web. About a year ago, I made a postcard that publicized one of my deep, dark, dorky secrets and I mailed it into Postsecret. Every week I check the site and this week, Yanaj saw that my postcard had finally been posted on the website! And now I'm blowing my secret wide open by blogging about it and fully embracing my dorky side.

Check it out: http://www.postsecret.blogspot.com/ - it's the very first postcard. And enjoy the retarded tingles you will feel for me when you picture me practicing my Oscar acceptance speech in front of the mirror.

It's good to be me sometimes.


Andi Mae said...

You're my hero. In more ways than one. I don't even know where to begin on this one! Great photos, great postcard, great air singing...

Toots said...

ahem. actually I NOTICED it and told JANAY who told YOU. ahem. I hope we have all learned something from this experience. And it's the FIRST ENTRY too! I nearly corked a gut when I saw it! Congrats!

Tarable said...

Congrats on the Post Secret! That rocks!

Scratch Subtle said...

You know what IS hot? Your hair in those pictures! You've officially become your own best hair-stylist. (As opposed to hair dresser.)

Erin said...

thank you for posting so many attractive pictures of me....but we had fun didn't we...despite grandma joy, and the giant green chunk in my tooth.