Friday, February 08, 2008

My Friend is the Best

Coming back to work after three consecutive days in bed is never easy, but my BFF Lady made it that much easier for me. A package was delivered to me at work this morning that almost totally made up for the past 72 hours I spent watching "Rock of Love 2".

I knew it was going to be a good package when I saw Elvis on the shipping label.

Check it out - McBicep in a handy, disposable package. I think I'll grow him in the toilet bowl.

One of the major loves of my life - the Mustang.

ALL of the major loves of my life - clockwise from top left, Elvis, Rocky, the Eagles, Batman, and Rambo - handmade in a bracelet by Lady! It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

I couldn't ask for a friend who knows me more truly and loves me more dearly.


$teve said...

That's an amazing gift!!! I'd hang on to her. :)

Tarable said...

For a second I forgot all that I've ever read here and thought that you and I had the same taste in music! Then it all came rushing back and I remembered that the Eagles is your football team.

(But still I do enjoy an Elvis tune.)

li'l mil said...

I wish "Lady" was code for "Best Big Sister Ever" but I'm just not that thoughtful. I mean, crafty. I'm just not that crafty. I've been thinking about you a lot though! :)