Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ask the Bone

Today's question comes from myself, which is "What's the most awesome thing that's happened to you recently?"

Well, I'll tell you. Last night, the girls and I went to see The Fray. Please to enjoy a photo journal of our night.

Before the show began, I was plotting how to get us up on stage without having to show my boobies.

Elizabeth made eye contact with one of the stage crew and tried to put her talents to good use, thereby hoping to get us up on stage.

The wheels in my heed began turning when I eavesdropped on a conversation between security and stage crew...

The Fray comes onstage and we, in turn, freak out. And by "freak out", I mean that Elizabeth screams, Yanaj looks frightened, and my neck swallows my chin.

To give you an idea of our view, we were in the third row. The Fray was beautiful. I wanted to make something out of all of our skeeeeens.

Another perspective of our view. Look how much fun I'm having.

The girls: Me, Elizabeth, Ylime, Yanaj.

And then...something amazing happened and my plot came to fruition as The Fray ended their set and I sneakily sidled over to the security guy and showed him my boobies, and we got on stage for the encore.

Just kidding, I didn't have to show him my boobies, but we did get to go on stage for the encore. We were some of the first to get up there because thanks to my eavesdropping before the show, we sneakily positioned ourselves right in front of the stairs and beat everyone else to the stage.
Behold our excitement.

I didn't even care how sweaty I was because it was so thrilling for us to be ON STAGE WITH THE FRAY! Also Elizabeth's face cracks me up in this one.
This is how close we were to The Fray.

This is how close we got to Isaac. We were right there.
Isaac brought a kid up from the crowd to sing.

Apparently we were supposed to be shaking our tambourines and singing along, but I was too busy screaming and freaking out about how close I was to The Fray. That's Joe mid-air as he leapt off Ben's drum platform, and I'm holding the orange tambourine that Joe gave me.
Elizabeth was also no good on the tambourine, as she was freaking out about how close she got to The Fray.
Again, this is how close we were. They were inches away from me, lit'rally. I tried to brush up against them but I was too busy screaming and freaking out because we were ON STAGE WITH THE FRAY.
Elizabeth and I took about five pictures of ourselves UP ON STAGE WITH THE FRAY and most of them looked like this because we were too busy freaking out and screaming to aim the camera properly. I also like to call this "A Study in Contrast."

And this is my favorite picture from the entire night. Never has such pure elation and joy on my face been captured on film. Also, that's Isacc circled in the background. I don't know who that other girl is, but I wish she and her big mouth would've gotten out of the way for our picture. I think she was one of the girls who pushed in front of me and shook her boobies on stage.

It was the most awesome thing that's happened to me recently, and I didn't even have to show my boobies. I just like to keep saying "boobies" because I know G hates that word.


Andi Mae said...

Awesome! That looks like SO much fun. Too bad he missed out on the boobies. I'm sure they are spectacular.

Erin said...

THAT IS SO FREAKIN AWESOME.... Ihave regreted that I didn't go with you guys every time i think about it. what a loser i am. but i am so glad that you guys had so much fun. awesome things always happen to you!

Gloriana said...

I am happy for you- even thought you kept using the B word- NOT OK! THose pictures rock!

photography by Mikki said...

ha ha hoolly a ha hahh ahaah- oh my heck, ha hhhhaaa... bbbboooooooooooooobbbbiiieeessss!!!

barb said...

you are too cool for me. i think we have to break up now.

Jackie said...

I am jealous to the max!! I hope you gave Isaac a butt slap or something.