Monday, August 20, 2007

What a Great Morning

You know it's going to be a good day when the planets align and all of the following happens:

a) You see a DeLorean on the open road;

b) You accurately predict that when Bone Senior reads your blog, she'll ask, "What's a DeLorean?";

c) You type in a search for 'Elvis Presley' on a certain website, and the response comes back, "Did you mean Olives Parsley?" at which point you tell your friend that you really loved the American Idol duet of Olives Parsley and Saline Dijon;

d) You find out that your love child Samuel is in good hands;

e) You got to see one of your longstanding wishes come true when the guy sitting across from you accidentally squeezed his butter packet too hard and squirted butter all over his face;

f) You went to the movies and practically peed yourself when you saw the teaser for The Dark Knight;

g) You've spent nearly the entire weekend in bed with your new boyfriend.

Allow me to elaborate.

Last week, I had to make a very difficult decision. I had the invitation to go to Sacramento for next weekend. The idea was to fly to Sacramento, stay with my good friend G, check out her graduate program, then spend time with McBicep and all that entails.

As I was looking for tickets and trying to make scheduling arrangements, it became apparent that making the trip wasn't going to be as easy as I'd thought. Ticket prices were going up, I was trying to work around schedules, and in the end, I had to make a painful and somewhat embarassing confession to G and everyone else involved.

There's been someone else in my life for the past year. Someone with whom I've spent my nights when McBicep was busy or out of town. And it's someone I've discovered I can't live without.

Except he didn't belong to me. So when the opportunity came for me to have this someone in my life permanently, I finally had to choose - the opportunity wouldn't last. So would it be Sacramento?? Or....TiVo.

I did what I always do when making a tough decision - I made a list. In Sacramento, I'd have G, McBicep, I could visit the graduate school, plus I'd never been there before and it would be a lot of fun. But TiVo....ah, TiVo. TiVo would love me unconditionally.

I had a limited amount of time to act on the TiVo deal and tickets to California were steadily increasing, and I didn't want to spend the money on both at once. What to do, what to do.

Bone Senior helped make up my mind when she said it best and with much wisdom: "Sacramento is only for a weekend, but TiVo is forever."

Besides, I'll see McBicep in two weeks anyway and I can go to Sacramento when the tickets are cheaper.

After adopting TiVo on Friday afternoon, I named him Joaquin El Tivo the Divo [to go along with our other appliances: Miguel Motion (the Cocoa Motion, otherwise known as the best purchase I've ever made in my entire life), Fabio (the DVD/VCR combo), and Antonio (the quesadilla maker)]; I spent Friday night hooking him up and setting up my programs.

My favorite part is setting up my Wish List. Joaquin seeks out and automatically records everything with Elvis Presley, Christian Bale, Vin Diesel, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He surprises me with shows he thinks I'll enjoy, and I can use him at my leisure.

I love him.

And we spent all weekend together, watching TV Land's Elvis specials and reruns of Scott Baio is 45 and Single. It was pure heaven, and I never had to leave my room.

Now I just have to figure out how to break the news to McBicep that he might have a little competition when he comes back...


barb said...

I know. Now that me and DVR are together i can finally watch episodes of The Office when I come home at 7 am. Life is good.

$teve said...

I love how Scott Baio asks "So why didn't we work out?" "Because you were smurfing half of Hollywood. Don't you remember?" "Really? That's it. I just don't understand."

I too am an Eagles fan & think Back to the Future is one of the greatest movies ever. You may want to check out my blog at Only if you're interested of course...but I think you will be. :)

Have a great night.

li'l mil said...

Bwah ha ha haaaaa. Welcome to the world of on-demand TV! The Hub was very proud that you set it all up by your li'l self. So was Li'l Mil.

For the record, and to save my pride, I DO know what a DeLorean is, although I wasn't sure how to spell it :)

I'm sure McBicep will understand. More later. Li'l Mil needs his binky.

li'l mil said...

PS: who's Steve?

Janay said...

I hope you flagged down the DeLorean and asked to see his Flux Capacitor.

Erin said...

what baout me? I don't get enough time with you as it is...between mcbicep and now joaquin...this sucks. but I am happy for you and your new found love.

Emilee said...

Sounds like you are running from the commitment of “Meeting The Family” :)

Andi Mae said...

I just luv ya. We have many more delicious plans for Sam-U-L by the way...

hizznizzle said...

When it comes to your TiVo thingy all I have to say is....In the words of one immortal Homer J. Simpson......NNNNEEERRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.