Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Segment: Ask the Bone

To mark the end of July, I've decided to start a new feature called Ask the Bone. Today's question comes from Hey Mikki You So Fine, who asks, "Anything new going on?"

Well, I've been feeling pretty bitter and spiteful lately. Maybe it's Comic-Con. Maybe it's the fact that after three months and numerous painful consultations with Napoleon McBoom Boom, I still cannot think of a movie that takes place in the future but is not Sci-Fi (why is V for Vendetta considered sci-fi?). Maybe it's the 30th anniversary of Elvis' alleged death looming on the horizon, I don't know.

Whatever "it" is, it's got me cranky, and all I feel like doing is laying in bed and watching Confessions of a Matchmaker and I Love the 90's undisturbed.

However, I did get to see Bone Senior and Baby Owen last weekend in Cheyenne. I also got to see three guys get gored at Frontier Days - "The Daddy of All Rodeos"- and got to see lots of big bull balls. And lots of cowboys wearing Stranglers. Had I known ahead of time that I'd be going to the world's largest outdoor rodeo, I'd have come prepared with my "Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts" tshirt.

What I predicted, an Elvis won The Next Best Thing, but not the Elvis that I thought; it was the other one. The Elvii BOTH made it into the top three, and I was so excited that I screamed my headband off. Ask Yanaj.

And what else is new... oh yes, I remember. McBicep comes back this weekend!!! I can't believe the summer has gone by so fast and with so little action. Sigh. So I'll see him for a day when he drives through on his way back to California for two weeks, and then to Hawaii for another ten days. So he's not really back back until the end of August, but at least he's coming back and he's looking forward to seeing me.

So that about wraps up this installment of Ask the Bone. Thanks to Hey Mikki Your So Fine for her question which I know kept you all on the edge of your seat. Feel free to Ask the Bone.


The Rules said...

V for Vendetta is NOT Sci-Fi. I don't care what IMDB says.

Emilee said...

Dear Bone Junior,
My question is...
What is McBicep's Real Name?

Erin said...

I miss you bone junior.

photography by Mikki said...

wow, I didn't realize that I was the cause for one of your infamous blogs. Anything new is a big question, and I think you're hilarious! So what are your plans w/ the big man this weekend? Other than being twirled, swirled, motor-boated, and of course smooched?????

Bone Junior said...


I also plan on breathing his breath, because according to G, that's what couples do.