Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This Is Where I Wish I Was

With the 30th anniversary of Elvis' alleged death** coming up tomorrow, I've spent most of my day listfully thumbing through photos of last year's pilgrimage to Memphis. I've also accepted a challenge to listen to only Elvis music all week - a challenge which I'm kicking ace at.

I don't care that this is the third time I've posted these pictures. They are still tasty, wonderful, and also my favorite.

Our very first Elvis sighting. Ah, the memories.

Ah, the souveniers.

Memphis is where I was exactly a year ago, and it's where I wish I was right now, instead of sitting at my desk, craving unattainable Cola flavored Pez...

Wait just a minute. What, pray tell, is this??

It's my very own Elvis Pezley collection!! Cola flavored Pez!! Army Elvis, '68 Comeback Elvis, and Vegas Elvis all in the same collectible tin!! CD included!! # 28,565 of only 400,000!

It is my traysured keepsake memento and quite possibly the most awesome thing I've seen since Graceland. The sight of my Elvii Pezley - along with two bottles daily of Diet Pepsi Max - is the only thing getting me through this week.

**And by "alleged death", I don't mean that I believe Elvis is still alive (although he'd only be 72, which is ten years younger than Paul Newman, and only one year older than Robert Redford, and two years older than Jack Nicholson, so Elvis could still potentially be a fox in that sexy-older-man kind of way); however, I do not believe that Elvis died when they say he did. This is something that requires a lengthy explanation sprinkled with interesting facts and figures and is better left for a rainy day, and also a day when I officially have a boyfriend and not just a Huge Bald Guy With Biceps As Big As My Head Lit'rally who likes to take me out on dates; and therefore you will have no reason to claim that I don't have a boyfriend because of my interest in Elvis conspiracy theories.


Janay said...

Since you brought up consipracy theories on your own does that mean I'm obligated to announce that I watch Star Trek TNG?

Erin said...

because of you, i know think elvis is still alive...thanks for sharing. and having just a HBGWBABAMH is way better than not having one at all...lets get some perspective here.

barb said...

i still haevn't gotten my tank top. sniff sniff.

aqueenintraining said...

so how is Elvis week going? Just thought I'd mention that Avon has an Elvis Collector watch in a cool guitar tin. Campaign 20 if the link below doesn't work.
Sorry I couldn't find a better photo than an eBay one.
Enjoy your week.

Tarable said...

I happened accross a TV program the other day - where some reporter was at Elvis Week and the FIRST thing I thought of was Bone Junior.

In fact every time I see an Elvis... anything. I think of Bone Junior.

Happy Elvis Week!