Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How I Took A Huge Step

I know you all have been waiting with breath that is baited for an update on my trip to Detroit Rock City.

It. Was. Awesome.

I arrived in the wonderful humidity Friday afternoon (it really was wonderful - an entire weekend without needing moisturizer!) and jumped into the arms of McBicep.

We had a great time - we drove to Niagara Falls, spent the afternoon on the waterfront in Toronto, saw Evil Dead: The Musical (which was freaking hilarious and awesome), went to Hooters to watch the UFC fights (where McBicep was accosted by an admiring drunk man who was going nuts over McBicep's sheer size while I stood by and watched like a proud mama), and then, as we were walking back to the car, it happened.

We held hands.

Yes ma'am, I finally bit the bullet and just went for it. Of course, beforehand I'd overanalyzed and considered all of the possible reaction scenarios: McBicep could come back with the rigormortis grip, the dead fish hand, or worst of all - he could just pull his hand away entirely. While all of these outcomes terrified me, I knew I had to grow a pair and just do it.

I think I reached for his hand and withdrew probably six times before following through. I reached out, found his hand, then held my breath as he entwined his fingers through mine and squeezed my little hand. It was so presh, I almost peed myself.

Niagara Falls; Canadian side. We didn't do any of the touristy stuff except walk around and get sprayed a lot.

And my favorite picture from the weekend:

It's a still life; I call it "Suitcase, Sandals, Sledgehammers, and Slumbering McBicep Who Looks Like He's Been Shot." Taken after driving through the night back to Detroit. And yes, those are the sledgehammers he hits tires with as part of his workout.

Interesting Things I Learned This Weekend:

- McBicep can eat an entire apple in under twenty seconds.

- I can definitely hold my own against a 300 pound guy who gets grouchy when he's hungry, tired, or needs to be changed.

- I finally met someone who's as much of a "not a morning person" as I am, which cracked me up because Erin's other advice to me was, "Don't be yourself in the morning." Anyone who knows me knows not to talk to me until I've been awake for at least an hour. Nothing wrong with that, especially when he's as bad as me in the morning.

- I don't like Indian food, even though I pretended that I did. Also, I deeply regretted it the next day.

- Even Canadians think I'm mexican.

- McBicep wants to keep dating me.

In all, it was a great trip. Also, I think the perfume I secretly sprayed on his pillow before I left will keep him thinking of me. Subconsciously.

Don't judge me - as if any of you girls wouldn't have done the exact same thing. Hmph.


Gloriana said...

seriously light headed from laughing.... i am not joking. that picture killed me- officially.

barb said...

ahh the exciting life of a bachelorette. thanks for letting me sow my not-so-wild wild oats through you.

HPLuvr said...

I would admire the sheer size too. Without having to be drunk. Nice shot.

Andi Mae said...

Wahoo! I love your still photo. You should put it into photoshop and make it a watercolor, you know, to add to the splendor of the already spastic purple furniture. That would be nice.

I'm happy that almost all of your wildest dreams came true!

Erin said...

did you bring a camera with you? aparantly. you are such a good little boy scout.

Toots said...

OH Sarah! I'm so happy for you! Fingers are firmly crossed in your favor. And that picture of him passed out on the floor is heartbreaking. Sleeping guys kill me more than anything else. I know. And you thought YOU had problems.

li'l mil said...

he almost looks like he was chopped down like a tree. TIIIIIIIMMMMMMMMBEEEEERRRRRRRR! i'm glad you had an AWE.SOME time and hopefully it will be MORE awesomer when he gets back to parvo.

Jackie said...

I almost wet myself reading this.