Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Who's Excited?

The 24 hour countdown officially begins...

I went to see The Persuit of Happyness last night and hounded, nay demanded that the box-office teenager sell me Rocky Balboa tickets for Wednesday afternoon - the earliest showing I could go to. Although I found out later that there was no reason for me to strong-arm the box-office teenager, as all I had to do was ask for the tickets, but oh well. I think I made my point.

Also, seeing as how "apparently" none of my friends are as excited as me, I am thrilled to be going to the movie with my younger sibling, Brother Bone. When I asked Erin if she wanted to go see it on opening day, she paused and said, "You're going to see it more than once, right?"


Feliz Navidad Total: 36
Rocky Balboa Countown: 29 hours


Andi Mae said...

HA, I beg to differ. Husby and I are equally excited to see the newest addition of the Rocky Extravaganza. However, as I am married to the old man, we won't see it on opening day, nor the weekend because it will be too "crowded." Imagine that. So you got me there.

P.S. Does that say $9.25 on that stub? Please tell me my eyes decieve me.

Bone Junior said...

Your eyes DO deceive you - it says $5.25. It IS a matinee.

li'l mil said...

i hope you have fun, and i really hope the fire alarm doesn't go off on you again. although i'm sure a rain check will make up for that :)

barb said...

andi is possibly the most observant person i know.