Sunday, August 13, 2006

Roadtripping to Memphis

A photo journal of our escapade to Memphis:

We went all out, right from the start. The ribbon tied to the antenna (lovingly named "Flapper") says "ELVIS LIVES". Also notice the high-class fabric pictures of Elvis' pelvis taped to the side windows.

Scotland, PA.

Although it looks like I'm getting all up ons, I'm actually doing a "cheerio / old chap / pip-pip / chimney sweep" scottish thing. Also I'm saying, "Allo, guv-nuh!"

Somewhere in old Vuh-GIN-yuh, a restaurant serves Mule Burgers... also known as a bologna sandwich. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Johanna set up her camera on the roof of the car and had to run really fast to get in the picture. It took a few tries to get this one right.

Me and Ol' Jack Daniel in Lynchburg, TN.

My only souvenier from the Jack Daniel's distillery... an empty box that says Jack Daniel's Distillery. That, and some kind of confectionary goodness called whiskey balls. But we all know that the real souveniers are the treasured memories I'm making... and the whiskey balls.


The Rules said...

Sarah, you must be sending some mega Elvis karma this way. Today alone, my mega-random playlist has served up 4 Elvis tracks. I crap you negative. Before today, I've only had 2 Elvis tunes pop up in the past 2 months!

Bone Junior said...

It must be fate - BTW, we went to Corky's tonight and I tried their dry ribs at your recommendation... DELISH!

The Rules said...
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The Rules said...

Good, now you just need some good Texas barbeque.

barb said...

baby, you hot.

Andi Mae said...

Wasn't Corky the kid on Life Goes On? Glad he's tapped into the rib bidness. Sash! Hope you have a fab time on the contuniuation of Grad Tour 2006! Viva Las Elvis!