Saturday, August 19, 2006

An Ode to Elvis Tribute Artists

All of these sightings were from the candlelight vigil on Tuesday night. All of them looked like Elvis from a distance, but as you'll see, the darkness was deceiving.

We realized that this kid's name is Austin, not Justin, when we saw him at the candlelight vigil.

"Hey Elvises!" *click*

This one was from Bethlehem PA. Johanna wasn't impressed: "Where did he get that belt...Kohls?? It doesn't even look like an Elvis belt!"

By far, my favorite picture.

His name was Clarke, and he wore New Balance sneakers with his jumpsuit. Johanna also told him that he smelled better than most of the other Elvises.

I liked this Elvis because he wasn't too sweaty, he smelled good, and he wore purple.

This Elvis was spotted pushing a baby stroller down Elvis Presley Blvd.

This Elvis was from Brazil and he kissed us.

This Elvis was from Israel, and none other than the same one we saw at the dance party.

And this Elvis was just plain sweaty.


Andi Mae said...

Does wearing deodorant wear off on other people too? Like is it perfume, where if you hug someone it rubs off? I hope so for your sake :)

barb said...

wow! looks like ya'll got your elvis on. i bet those guys thought you two would follow them to the jungle room.

also- do you have the exact same dress and purse??

also2- i REALLY want one of those shirts that says 'a little less conversation- a little more action'. you two are hip!

7:15 AM

Bone Junior said...

It seemed to work out that we dressed alike most of the time... and emily made those purses! She did an amazing job, I'll have to post better pictures of them. And I think I know where you can get one of the "A little less conversation" shirts... : )