Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Perhaps I Tend to Focus on the Dramatic

To be fair, the Bone Family Christmas really wasn't all bad. If you know me, you may know that at times, I might have a slight tendency to focus on the negative of any situation. Which, while often hilarious, isn't always fair to the other people involved. And I have been known to be over-dramatic in certain situations - although I completely stand by my mature decision to eat an entire bag of Herr's potato chips just to get back at my dad. Totally justified and reasonable.

Christmas vacation wasn't just about the drama, the ER, the racist dog, the pouty was really about spending time with my family and realizing that no matter how dysfunctional things may be, we are still a family that sticks together. I am so blessed to have a family that loves me unconditionally, supports me even when they don't agree with my decisions (buying a Mustang and ginormous bazoombas), isn't afraid to tell me when I'm acting like a typical middle child, and most importantly, they accept and love me for who I am. Mustang, implants and all.

This year, in between all the gifts and food and arguments, I realized that my family really is the most important thing in the world to me. Yes, we disagree, we fight, we (I) act like children, and there will always be difficult times. But what remains is that we are eternally bonded, for better or worse, good and bad. And I am so lucky to be part of this crazy family, because you know what I realized? Every family, no matter how perfect they may seem, has their own issues. They don't always manifest as a racist dog - but there are always issues. The trick is to forgive, love, and support no matter what.

Please to enjoy a few of my reminders of what's really important.

My favorite little guy. It took about ten pictures to get one of him actually looking at the camera.
Pop Pop came through with the only thing Li'l Mil really wanted - a lellow crane. He spent most of his time hooking the crane to whatever he could find - Mater, Nano's belt loops, Pop Pop's trains. You name it, he hooked it.
The iArm Forearm Mount. You can attach anything to your arm and still have your hands free. Luke was politely excited until he realized this was just a gag box, with a Flip Video inside. I secretly wish that the iArm Forearm Mount actually existed.
This is the picture that makes me forget about all the drama.
Another fifty attempts to get Li'l Mil looking at the camera. Nano was absolutely thrilled with her bi-racial babies and stroller.
Bone Senior thinks that the stroller baby is an accurate prediction of my future offspring.
I admit, I was tempted to yank the bread out of her mouth just to witness one of her famous meltdowns...
But her death-to-you-if-you-touch-this-bread look made me think better of taking it from her.
She wants whatever you have whether it be your camera...
...Daddy's Phillies hat...
...or Sashie's trail mix.
Not enough hands to hold all her presents at once, but she gave it a shot.

Here's to a new year of remembering and being grateful for the things that really matter.

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li'l mil said...

Drama? What drama? Us? Dramatic? Never.

But see, if Luke had really gotten an iArm, he could've used THAT to hold up Nam's hand, which may have actually prevented him from passing out. Or at least could have been an effective way of passing Nam's hand around to someone else without much disturbance.

It's really a shame we didn't get a pic of him passed out at the sink, with you in the background, veggie pizza in hand. I have a feeling that picture would have defined both of you for years to come.