Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cross That Off the Bucket List

Life Goal: Roundhouse kick something. Anything.

Today, the opportunity to achieve one of my life goals presented itself in the most unlikely place: monthly staff meeting. We were split into teams for the obligatory Team Building Exercise, in which we had to build the tallest free-standing structure using nothing but 50 sheets of paper and masking tape. I had the Engineer on my team, so I felt very confident about winning. And we SHOULD have won, but the other team made a ghetto long skinny antennae-like thingy out of tape and stuck it to the top. Lame.

We also should have won because our tower stood intact throughout the whole meeting, whereas the other team's tower fell after about ten seconds.

After the meeting, Gina was taking obligatory pictures of our tower, with me standing alongside for height-reference. What happened next can only be described in the words of Pete Mitchell, call sign Maverick, in the epic movie Top Gun:

Sir, I had him in my sights. He saw me move in for the kill. He proceeded below the hard-deck. We were below for just a few seconds. I had the shot. There was no danger, so I took it.

Thank goodness Gina was there to capture me looking like a top spinning out of control the perfect action shot.

I think even Maverick would agree - that's damn nice form.


LecNessMonster said...

You get the award for best badass Godzilla-ing with no notice.

Your employer gets the award for demotivating employees and killing trees.

As far as I'm concerned, those trees had it coming.

Janay said...

Careful now, Chuck Norris won't be too happy to see such an obvious threat!

Spence said...

Holdin a pen, no less!

Bone Junior said...

That's called mad skillz.

HPLuvr said...

I do believe it beats that time we Samir kicked the crap out of (what 13?) space heaters...nicely done!

Jackie said...

Genius. Now if only you could have kicked the other team's tower down during it's 10 seconds of standing.

li'l mil said...

Chuck Norris would be proud.

andi said...

I'm so happy you're back to regular blogging. You're my 2:00 pick-me up.

I only have one question: did you yell "da DAH!" whilst kicking?

Bone Junior said...

Jackie - you KNOW it crossed my mind, but I was afraid I'd get fired for being a poor loser.

Andi - you KNOW I did!