Monday, April 05, 2010

Someone is Stealing My Good Karma

Dear Universe, aka, the Philadelphia Eagles:

Turning 28 and still being single didn't quite suck enough, so could you please smash my heart into a million little pieces and trade Donovan McNabb to the freaking Redskins on my birthday?

Thanks a lot,

Bone Jr.


li'l mil said...

Frame your jersey. Maybe someday it'll be worth miiiiiiilllllions.

Tarable said...

Even up here in my little corner of Canada where we don't have a whole lot to do with the NFL (at least not in my house), we still understand the scope of this trade and know what a HUGE thing this is.

That, and every time I hear anything about the Philadelphia Eagles (or Elvis) I think of Bone Jr.

Can't beleive they did it on your birthday though. That's just cruel.

andi said...

Yeeah...I heard about that. At least they didn't sign TO back. In fact, nobody did. Happy Birthday and drown out the misery with some tasty cake.