Monday, April 19, 2010

Never Google Your Symptoms

Bone Junior: So, I've been getting really bad night sweats. I wake up every couple hours, completely drenched in sweat, but shivering and shaking because I'm so cold. One time, there was so much sweat between my boobs that I thought I'd just drooled on myself. A lot.


Bone Junior:
It's not funny! I just Googled my symptoms, and I'm either starting menopause, or being haunted.

Can you put on a helmet and then involuntarily slide across your kitchen floor?

Bone Junior:
No, but it might have something to do with the creepy clown doll that's propped up in the corner of my room.

Seriously, I've learned to never Google my symptoms, because now I'm convinced that even my ovaries have given up on me ever getting married and having lots of sex and babies.


Jackie said...

I got cold sweats after I had Addy. You didn't recently have a child, did you?

andi said...

You could just be low on progesterone...somehow it seems all to go back to the hormonies.

Hoss.Rose.MiniB said...

I get night sweats terrible around my period. I also had them every night for 6 weeks after MiniB was born. I feel your chills. I took to keeping a dry pair of PJs and undies next to the bed.

li'l mil said...

I'm mailing you a thermometer :)