Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mobile Shout Out Part 3

Happy Anniversary Hoss & Rose!
Here's to another four years of student hood!

It seems like just yesterday I was looking at these pictures and peeing myself and making everyone at work come look at them and peeing some more from laughing so hard. This is my favorite memory of you, which might be kind of weird, since I wasn't even there... maybe it's because my sister is cracking up as you're suffering and dry heaving, and I know that had I been there, I would've done the exact same thing. The exact same thing as in cracking up, not as in dry heaving and suffering.


Hoss and Rose said...

Wow, how did you even know it was our anniversary?? Must be some secret power that came with your new additions. Its always a risk when you go under anesthesia, you never know what you'll wake up with.

Thanks. And when I say "thanks" I mean thanks for letting me re-live my suffering (from the puking, not from being married to Hoss for four years:)

Andi Mae said...

Ahhh, so sad for dry heaving...but the play-by-play photography is stunning.

li'l mil said...

Rose, some might think being married to Hoss for 4 years would call for a lot of dry heaving and suffering, but those of us who know better say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

(And just for the record, it was all Bone Jr.'s idea to post those flattering pics.)