Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here's Looking at You, Anonymous

You know what's awesome about having Sitemeter on your blog?

Let's say, hypothetically, "someone" named "anonymous" looked at your blog and left a really mean comment; hypothetically, saying that you should have gotten lipo instead of getting new boobs.

Hypothetically, with the help of Sitemeter, you'd be able to find out exactly who the person was. You could find out their IP address, their longitude and latitude, their server provider, what time they left the comment, how long they looked at your blog, how often they look at your blog, where they were before they got to your blog, and where they went after.

And putting all these elements together, you'd be able to find out exactly who the person is that feels the need to anonymously post his opinion about your body. But instead of posting that information, you could choose to take the high road. Because it's someone that you actually know, and now he knows that you know it's him - because he reads your blog regularly.

And your best defense is to take pleasure in the fact that you know he's not worth another second of your time or thoughts.



LecNessMonster said...


That's all I have to say, because you're so freakin' awesome.

Kyle and Jamie said...

I really enjoyed being detective with you on this case! All I have to say is...I love it. That's perfect!
And I love your new boobs!

Hoss and Rose said...

I think your new additions our out-standing.

amcurtis77 said...

Pretend there is music playing and this little diddy floats across the room:

New Boobs, jugs, new boobs, jugs, new boobs, jugs, new boobs....


Yeah yeah ballons!

Well, it sounds better when you can really hear NOFX singing it, but I thought it was appropriate given the subject matter at hand. Your new girls are FABULOUS! Time to go shopping for all sorts of amazing new tops to showcase yourself.

I think its awesome that you tracked down the guy that posted "anonymously" on your site. How do I get this sitemeter thingy or whatever it is???

li'l mil said...

I'd hypothetically like to tell Anonymous to go blow something out his hypothetical arse.

But even hypothetically that would be like posting some kind of rude comment anonymously--pretty much something I'd hypothetically do back in like, 8th grade.

Tarable said...

I heart Bone Junior.

hizznizzle said...

All I have to say is ASS CLOWN.

Any man that will say something negative about hooters is no man at all.

It's like Ron White says. "Once you see one, you want to see the rest of'em."

Andi Mae said...

Hypothetically, you could tell us all who it is...since we are all hypothetically dying to know.

Josh and Gloriana said...

perfect. like josh said when i told him about this "what a bitter loser- the fact that he left a comment like that shows he is still bitter about her and shows what an idiot he is. It only makes him look bad - not her."

Marostica said...

Are you kidding me? At least it wasn't your sister-in-law...hahaha...remember that saga? Anonymous is an idget!!! I love sitemeter.

mY dEwDrOpS said...

amen hizznizzle! he's obviously not the straightest arrow if he's more concerned about your body than your new fabulous perky bobs! and agreed with andi, hypothetically tell us who he is!